Vegetation In A Sentence

Definition of Vegetation

(uncountable) Plants, taken collectively. | (pathology, countable) An abnormal verrucous or fibrinous growth | The act or process of vegetating, or growing as a plant does; vegetable growth.

How To Use Vegetation In A Sentence?

  • Very admirable are the devices by which vegetation maintains itself against odds.
  • It was the same rain that caused the beautiful vegetation to grow into its remarkable splendour.
  • Everywhere within their influence, the perennial vegetation is meagre and stinted.
  • All the vegetation around them was dry and brittle, especially that which was under foot.
  • A riot of glorious vegetation frames and overshadows the clustering huts of deftly-woven cane.
  • Maenads: the nymphs who danced and sang in honor of Bacchus, the god of vegetation and the vine.
  • The vegetation of the northwest-facing wooded slopes has been described by Packard (1956).
  • It is so natural to look for them amid such luxuriant vegetation that they become conspicuous by their absence.
  • Peat is a vegetable formation and has been formed by the rank growth of various kinds of vegetation in swampy places.
  • Jumping mice characteristically construct a globular nest of grass but will utilize other vegetation if grasses are not available.
  • What magnificent landscapes may there be adorned with the luxuriant vegetation that develops rapidly under an ardent and generous sun?
  • The world of imagination is infinite and eternal, whereas the world of generation or vegetation is finite and temporal.
  • They threw the extracted vegetation into carts and hauled them over to the organic recycling factories, outside the city.
  • With the exception of one that was found dead in camp, all individuals were taken from low vegetation by day.
  • Nothing can be more bare or desolate than the rocky mountain ridge in which this ascent terminates, and on which vegetation seems at its last gasp.
  • The tropical loveliness of the vegetation in this attractive land indicates what Cuba should be, but is not.
  • Some fine showers had fallen, vegetation had suddenly started into life, and the flowers were everywhere ablaze.
  • A fresh growth of foreign vegetation was thus inaugurated, as these sylvan colonists struck their saplings into an alien soil.
  • Indeed, he adds, vegetation did not appear to have suffered either from its elevated position, or from any prevailing wind.
  • But this vegetation consisted principally of cryptogams and those lowest phænogams, of the pine and cycad groups, which have naked seeds.
  • With sudden restlessness he rose, and walked over to the window; but the smell of dust and dry, dead vegetation smothered him.
  • The mountain forms were grander and more definite, the vegetation richer, the scenery more varied, and a kindlier atmosphere pervaded it.
  • Changes from one home range to another are unusual, but minor shifts, in response to changes in vegetation and weather, are common.
  • Huge masses of masonry, hurled from the summit, lay in the moat beneath, fixed as they had been for centuries, with vegetation growing over them.
  • Soon we plunged into the dense belt of vegetation that, I have mentioned, lay betwixt the shore and the mountain.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vegetation | Vegetation Sentence

  • The vegetation was less rank.
  • Was this vegetation of the land, or of the sea?
  • Nearing the sea, vegetation entirely ceases.
  • The spiral tendency of vegetation infects education also.
  • The vegetation is wonderfully rich, varied, and luxuriant.
  • Yet vegetation was very different to that which we had been passing.
  • Not a vestige of its former magnificent vegetation covered the slope.
  • What though the soil was coarse, if the vegetation was good and sufficient?
  • The rank vegetation nurtures the insects, and the insects draw the birds.
  • As they ascended, there was a change in soil, vegetation and climate.
  • But even though vegetation is promising we must wait 22 years for a full test.
  • The vegetation is too bright and varied for a Highland stream.
  • With us I don't think this early vegetation means anything.
  • So early vegetation matters little, means nothing, the way I feel about it.
  • Condition of vegetation at edge of "House Field" on July 14, 1955.

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