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  • But he was less vehement now.
  • I pray, such vehement desire!
  • At this moment a vehement scratching was heard on the door.
  • The head rose in order to execute a vehement nod.
  • This motion gave rise to a protracted and vehement debate.
  • He gave her again a vehement hug, and burst into a laugh.
  • Pinkey made vehement signs that his mouth was stretched to the limit.
  • She was astonished at the view he took of it; he was quite vehement about it.
  • I cannot deny that I have been more vehement than is seemly.
  • For this, a strong force and a vehement impulse will be necessary....

How To Use Vehement In A Sentence?

  • That he was vehement to express annoyance has appeared frequently in these pages.
  • He feared the concrete power, the vehement opposition of the mouthpiece of secularism.
  • Luther is not more vehement and repulsive in his speech than the holy Word of God.
  • Looking straight up into his eyes, she spoke in low, vehement tone, rapidly, almost angrily.
  • They were vehement in their dissuasions that he should not: finally even fleeing from him in terror at the thought.
  • Men were leaping to their feet to shake vehement fists in the faces of those who wagged their heads in protest.
  • The vehement gestures and gushing current of speech which accompanied their improvisations suggested a fountain bubbling up.
  • The Bible itself is not a stranger to vehement protestations against the apparent injustice of destiny.
  • He began instantly to struggle to free himself, and that with a frantic and vehement violence begotten at once of terror and despair.
  • Happily, the opposing parties spent their energies in high words and vehement gestures rather than in blows and bloodshed.
  • There in his hut is a monotony of brown bodies quick with vehement gestures; there is a tumult of controversy in a tongue he does not know.
  • His outburst was too vehement and sudden not to come from some underlying current of deep feeling, rather than from the present conversation.
  • They are vehement denunciations of sin; are eloquent appeals to the heart, to religious fears and hopes.
  • Hamilton's suggestion that the State debts be assumed caused a vehement outcry.
  • The news of this French aggression aroused in the colonies a spirit of resistance as vehement as that in the mother country.
  • On both sides of the Atlantic a vehement and most enlightening debate over constitutional and legal fundamentals still went on.
  • In her pride and her vehement determination to be "beholden" to no one, she would seek no help in her trouble.
  • Berlioz belongs to the former of these classes, and, if ever a prophet lifted up his voice with a vehement and incessant outcry, it was he.
  • At length, in answer to the sound of his vehement blows, the little wicket was opened and a pair of eyes appeared thereat.
  • In that first portion of it we trace the vehement passion of Heathcliff for Catherine up to her death.
  • There was in him too much vehement sternness, of hard Scotch granite, to make him a pleasant talker in the popular sense.
  • He was well known in Tehran in 1891 for his vehement and violent public speaking against all Western innovations.
  • Mercedes, being not quite seventeen, her grief at parting from Clarence was wild, vehement and all-absorbing.
  • Like the old Hebrew prophets, the artist poured out his soul in a vehement protest against evil, and a stirring call to righteousness.
  • No one expected her to live through the spring, but with it came another partial revival, and therewith a vehement desire to see Westhaven again.
  • He was of medium height, slightly built, of a nervous temperament, with bright, quick-glancing eyes, and vehement gestures.
  • They quarrelled, the Countess was vehement to hysteria, and Asterley appeared next day with a scratched face.
  • Yet some change it desireth to make in the body, which it hath so vehement inclination to; and therefore is the aptest for it to work upon.
  • It is preparing the public mind of the South for a most vehement reaction against all the false ideas which have been the animating spirit of the rebellion.

Definition of Vehement

Showing strong feelings; passionate; forceful or intense.
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