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  • She was vehemently denying that she had a cold.
  • Tiamat also cried out vehemently with a loud voice.
  • She cried too vehemently to go on thinking or speaking.
  • The stout woman grasped Harry vehemently by the arm.
  • Against this, however, I vehemently protested.
  • There was a vehement assault resisted as vehemently by his meagre escort.
  • Then they swore vehemently and vowed that this was magnificent, but not war.
  • Another and another followed, all speaking vehemently and with much acrimony.
  • The man vehemently grasped the woman's wasted arm.
  • They began by vehemently accusing the Ministry of slackness.
  • Suddenly she turned and vehemently exclaimed: "You ought not to ask me this.

How To Use Vehemently In A Sentence?

  • He argued conspicuously and vehemently on a subject with which he had no experience.
  • As on this occasion she would always begin disputing it vehemently and end meekly accepting it.
  • Isabella opposed the scheme vehemently and unwisely, with mordant sarcasm and unjust reproaches.
  • I rushed to his assistance, and found him alone, stamping vehemently on the floor.
  • Nobody backed me except the north wind which blew us vehemently out of England.
  • Incidentally, Robinson, unlike Fremont, was vehemently opposed to Indian enlistment.
  • God keep me from triumphing over you or from offering you a pity you repelled so vehemently the other day.
  • They now declaim as vehemently against the monarchy as on former occasions they treacherously flattered and soothed it.
  • By this time the shouts of the natives had swelled to double volume as they vehemently implored the aid of the heavenly powers.
  • And not only do the medicine-men dispute among themselves, but their followers engage even more vehemently in bitter strife.
  • His voice died in his fat inwards, but his lips still vehemently framed the same words of supplication.
  • She spoke of the depravity of the natives in a voice which nothing could hush, but with a vehemently unctuous horror.
  • He vehemently reproached the slaves, and even struck one of them with his fist, which he injured by the blow.
  • Let us look a little further into the absurdities over which American statesmen are so vehemently wrangling.
  • He still continued in the small vessel, though vehemently urged by his friends to remove to the larger one.
  • She knew nothing of politics; at sixteen you do not need to know to feel vehemently, you feel vehemently without knowing.
  • The Familist paused from utter exhaustion, so vehemently had he poured forth the abundance of his zeal.
  • Mr. Leonhard used his cane as vehemently while he spoke as if he were a conductor swinging his baton through the most exciting movement.
  • His pain expressed itself less vehemently than Julia's; but for all that his mind ached.
  • The child became half unconscious, tossed from side to side, and plucked vehemently at the sheet with his emaciated little hands.
  • As the circle gossiped, Dennis tuned the fiddle, talking vehemently to the boatswain between whiles.
  • But Manuel, when he was well, was to be allowed to retrieve his character, as he protested vehemently he would.
  • Mrs. Elmore listened with a strange abeyance; she looked beaten and bewildered, while he vehemently uttered these words.
  • Ellen declared vehemently and George, untroubled to account for this sudden revulsion of feeling, threw up his head with a joyous laugh.
  • In this strong man, whose life till now had been all study and work, the stored-up feeling burst vehemently forth, now that it had found an outlet.
  • Session after session measures vehemently resisted by the Irish members were forced on a reluctant nation by English majorities.
  • How often have I not been amazed to see him vehemently defending theories which I had seen him adopt with infinite hesitation!
  • At this I vehemently seized my uncle by his two hands and cried: "What does all this mean?
  • The scheme would have succeeded had not Jakin punched him vehemently in the stomach, or had Lew refrained from kicking his shins.

Definition of Vehemently

In a vehement manner; expressing with a strong or forceful attitude.
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