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How To Use Vehicle In A Sentence?

  • If the organ of sight is such a vehicle of power, the other features have their own.
  • The ponies were trying to get rid of the appended vehicle through any possible means.
  • The others kept pace with the racing vehicle as the surefooted team tore down the slope.
  • As a vehicle of her opinions, the scheme and style of the poem proved completely adequate.
  • Nothing more was said till the vehicle drew up, when Huish leaped out and helped her to alight.
  • In the event of breakdown of the automobile a horsed vehicle will be used and the same signal will apply.
  • He followed the pair far enough to observe the vehicle to which the father was obviously conducting her.
  • But the appearances suggested that the crazy vehicle had been prepared with considerable forethought for its present use.
  • His quiet prose gave him a vehicle for that intimacy of the heart and fancy which was the deepest need of his nature.
  • They looked up and down the road in case help would be needed, but not a person or vehicle was in sight.
  • Just then a vehicle rapidly driven was heard in the distance, and the next moment it appeared in sight.
  • The exhausted beasts responded and the vehicle flew down the trail, swaying and yawing the whole breadth of the road.
  • In the inside of the vehicle he found a purse, whose contents more than thrice paid the hire of the carriage and man.
  • Ellen and her father now got out of the carriage, and walked up the steep incline, leaving their vehicle behind them.
  • This did not accord with the popular idea of the perfection which should belong to the corporeal vehicle of Divinity.
  • Finding that the vehicle was a stage-coach, she eagerly accepted the proposal, and seated herself next to an elderly woman.
  • The sound-wave will, in a word, be substituted for the light-wave as the vehicle of all our best information and intercourse.
  • The vehicle was going at a slow pace, and could be stopped almost immediately; he was not touched by the wheel.
  • All this made for the lucid and comprehensible; well-chosen language and fine utterance shaped a perfect vehicle of thought.
  • The jar which I communicated to the vehicle by this movement attracted the attention of the men on the box.
  • As the vehicle turned the corner, the face vanished; and perhaps that particular visage disappeared forever.
  • But the coach-door was closed by the footman, who sprang up behind, and the vehicle lumbered slowly away.
  • Every vehicle in town and the surrounding country, horse-power or motor-power, was on its way to the races.
  • It is under the brink of a low, mossy bank, so near the highway that it could be reached from a passing vehicle with a whip.
  • Passing the window, she saw the selectmen, in the vehicle known as a long-reach, waiting at the gate.
  • The wheels were red, the horse had a rakish air, the light vehicle swung from side to side as it spun around the curve.
  • When they reached the road, the young lady wanted Gordon to go off and procure a vehicle at the hotel.
  • I hastened thither, and when I arrived the men were just removing the casket from the vehicle to carry it up-stairs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vehicle | Vehicle Sentence

  • No vehicle of any description came by.
  • The big vehicle passed slowly by.
  • A vehicle passed out the road, and Sandy started up.
  • Her dress was as shabby as the vehicle in which she had arrived.
  • A journal has been established to serve as a vehicle for this crusade.
  • Slipping behind the embankment, he waited for the vehicle to pass.
  • The vehicle drew up before the door, and they prepared to take their seats.
  • The vehicle was the most miserable locomotive contrivance I ever saw.
  • I put on these togs and we got a vehicle and drove around by the Exmoor road.
  • Then the old vehicle was left behind, and I did not venture to look back.
  • While I was thus engaged, I heard a vehicle drive up to the door.
  • But the vehicle of honor was still "Gilsey's stage.

Definition of Vehicle

A conveyance; a device for carrying or transporting substances, objects or individuals. | A medium for expression of talent or views. | A liquid content (e.g. oil) which acts as a binding and drying agent in paint. (FM 55-501).
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