Vellum In A Sentence

Definition of Vellum

A type of parchment paper made from the skin of a lamb, baby goat, or calf. | A writing paper of very high quality.

How To Use Vellum In A Sentence?

  • The value of the creamy surface of the vellum was recognized as part of the colour scheme.
  • She saw it in her own mind, instead of on the vellum which she held in her hand.
  • In the dry ink and vellum of that ancient legal document is his only record of these two passions.
  • Listen: you remember the vellum book which you stole for me, out of her escritoire.
  • Large folding pictures on vellum and portraits of all the Roman Emperors adorn the first volume.
  • Of books printed on vellum it contains at once the finest and most extensive collection in the world.
  • The pioneers in this career of luxury no doubt had observed that very white vellum fatigued the eye.
  • It is bound in the original sheepskin, a portion of a vellum psalter having been used to strengthen the joints.
  • The vellum of the tsuzumi is of fox skin and yellow in color, that of the samisen is of cat skin and white as snow.
  • We may mention, by the way, that neither vellum nor parchment are by any means the oldest materials known.
  • Hand-made Paper, illustrations mounted on vellum with decorative borders in gold.
  • Both oil and wax were often employed, and in nearly all recipes the use of glue made of boiled-down vellum is enjoined.
  • Paper had not as yet been invented, so the message had to be carefully written, by paid scribes, on vellum or parchment.
  • From this she took a manuscript, daintily written on gilt-edged vellum paper, and stitched a light blue riband.
  • The scabbard looked like vellum grown dark with years, but the hilt shone like gold that nothing could tarnish.
  • He felt the cool vellum leaves with his fingers, for fear lest the missal would slip through his hand, and disappear forever!
  • The ivy a type of immortality, the oak of virtue and majesty, the lily, and the rose, all had their significance on the vellum book.
  • With these words Zabern raised the document to the flame of the candelabrum, and there held it till the vellum had shrivelled to blackened flakes.
  • In Europe, too, it continued in common use long after vellum had been adopted for books, though more especially for letters and accounts.
  • Of this edition 80 further copies were printed on Imperial Japanese vellum, full vellum binding, gilt extra.
  • As vellum is constantly spoken of in connection with illumination and illuminated books, it becomes necessary to explain what it is, and why it was used instead of paper.
  • One hundred and ten vellum MSS. are included in it, written for the most part between 1240 and 1450.
  • The vellum and its illuminations had stood the weather well, though somewhat dimmed in comparison with the brilliancy of the remaining folios, which were found below-stairs.
  • There is a general impression that white of egg was used to hold the gold: but any one who has experimented knows that it is impossible to fasten metal to vellum by white of egg alone.
  • He took down book after book, and they all seemed to be ancient and valuable; but from some of them whole sheets had been taken out, and in others the margins of the vellum had been cut off.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vellum | Vellum Sentence

  • So the decision has that vellum syncopation.
  • The only vellum copy printed.
  • And vellum rich as country cream.
  • This was a roll of vellum with papal seals attached.
  • A great book bound in vellum for the sage to give.
  • Small volumes of verse bound in vellum are always good.
  • He opened the vellum cover, and turned a leaf or two.
  • Art Vellum in assorted colors, cut in strips.
  • Also 11 copies on Japanese vellum at L2 2s.
  • A few Vellum Copies will be printed to Order only.
  • Before the tenth century the vellum used for MSS.
  • Once begun, the tinting of the vellum extended to other colours.
  • This is a rare old Bible, written on vellum and richly illuminated.
  • The vellum paper invented by Ambroise Didot only dates back as far as 1780.

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