Vending in a sentence

Definition of Vending

present participle of vend

How to use Vending in a Sentence?

  • Stanton went through the door of the automatic restaurant and walked over to the vending wall.
  • It was a vastly popular cat, however, vending beer and porter of highest repute.
  • And it is not slate-writing, toe-joint snapping, fortune-telling, or the vending of charms.
  • The barbecue pits were going again, however, and hawkers were pushing or propelling their little wagons about, vending sandwiches.
  • He and Tallis were granted a patent, which must have proved fairly lucrative, for the printing of music and the vending of music-paper.
  • For the raising and vending provisions of all kinds for the supply of the vast numbers of people who are employed every where by the said manufactures.
  • You must decide to-night, because I have a new assortment of beautifiers and cosmetics in my wagon which I must set about vending to-morrow.
  • The girl he compelled to accompany him on his vending trips, but when he went into the making of worthless hair restorer and obliged her to pose as having benefited by it, she finally rebelled.

Short Example Sentence for Vending

  • The streets were alive with people vending their goods.
  • Some of these fortunes came from furs, timber and vending merchandise.
  • In process of time, poison vending became a profitable trade.

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