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How To Use Vendors In A Sentence?

  • Many went past the shrieking news vendors without even stopping to buy a paper.
  • Near to the vendors of blankets for the women are the sellers of the white-cotton cloth for the men.
  • He will be inundated with speculative appeals from vendors of commodities who hope for gratuitous advertisement of their wares.
  • Industry vendors and telco security people show up to explain their gadgetry and plead for protection and justice.
  • It is as if the vendors of fish, fruit and vegetables met in the street and had a bit of a frolic together.
  • From the embankment close by came the cry of news vendors rushing along with late editions of the evening papers.
  • My offer of the property expires to-morrow, and the vendors might or might not be disposed to extend the time.
  • Of course at this, as at every open-air gathering, vendors of eatables and temperance drinks abound.
  • In all other Markets the stalls are full of good things which the vendors are anxious to sell, but cannot.
  • The vendors grew frantic and eloquent in their combats with these experienced purchasers; their gestures were high, sharp and loaded with protest.
  • On the slopes in sheltered spots, vendors of different wares, chiefly of a refreshing description, had installed themselves.
  • I went back to Ravenna and started to look up some one of the image vendors who haunt the door of the great church.
  • They had to wait a long time at the barrier, for vendors of poultry, wagoners, and a flock of sheep caused an obstruction there.
  • In later times Italian organ-grinders and ice-cream vendors had a special predilection for the place, and did not add to its reputation.
  • Another is that I know enough to detect butter from oleomargarine, and am not roped in by Blank street vendors with their dollar and a half tubs.
  • Among the greetings and the condolences from other marketers there would ensue lengthy conversations with the vendors of poultry, of fish, or of vegetables.
  • Amidst all this the vendors of the vilest songs and books, and of the most astounding medicines, raised their voices so as to attract their own little rings of interested listeners.
  • News vendors shrieked their wares, the latest sensational news; the gentleman criminal who had money and influence and with their help evaded the grip of justice.
  • Ambulating vendors of all sorts are also to be found on the bridge, advertising their goods in loud falsetto notes, or sometimes singing metrical eulogies over them.
  • I inform you, sir, that we are skilled artisans, with the craft to turn out creditable work, while the merchants are merely the vendors of our products.
  • The vendors were their own fathers or guardians, who by this method secured, not only a substantial profit for themselves, but also provided comfortable homes and even royalty for their daughters.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vendors | Vendors Sentence

  • There were several slipper vendors present.
  • Sugden on Vendors and Purchasers may then follow.

Definition of Vendors

plural of vendor
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