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Definition of Venereal

Of or relating to the genitals or sexual intercourse. | Of a disease: sexually transmitted; of or relating to, or adapted to the cure of, a venereal disease. | (astrology, obsolete) Pertaining to the astrological influence of the planet Venus; lascivious, lustful.

How To Use Venereal In A Sentence?

  • The looseness of morals has increased alarmingly the spread of venereal diseases.
  • Nature has devised a retribution for illicit intercourse in the form of venereal disease.
  • Men and women must both seek knowledge and both accept responsibility for the venereal problem.
  • Unless there is actual venereal disease, medicine should be very little resorted to.
  • A man who is in liquor is much more liable to contract venereal disease than a man who is sober.
  • So too, the employment of mercury in venereal diseases leads to many new forms of disease.
  • They have neither prostitution, foundling hospitals, nor hospitals for venereal diseases.
  • It is given in venereal diseases, hiccough, hemorrhage, fevers and other diseases.
  • It follows that at least every other person in the Kingdom has suffered from venereal disease.
  • Thus America is winning and England losing the battle against the venereal microbe.
  • Now Malignant Tumours may arise in all these parts, but the Venereal happen only in the Groin.
  • Attention should be called to the difference between the percentage of syphilis in a population and the percentage of venereal disease.
  • Sufferers from venereal diseases should not attempt to beget children till they have been given a clean bill of health.
  • Furthermore, they are centers for the dissemination of venereal diseases which wreck the health of all those who become infected.
  • Fear of disease does not prevent immorality, as may be judged from the immense prevalence of venereal disorders.
  • In particular carry on the campaign against infectious and contagious diseases, and especially against venereal disease.
  • We know now that the great majority of all the blind children in our blind asylums owe their blindness to one of these venereal affections.
  • The venereal sense is unlike the other special senses in that it is general, as well as referable to special organs and nerves.
  • No boy ever willfully contracted a disease that would produce so much future misery as that resulting from one of the venereal diseases.
  • Many boys developed venereal chancres and scores of young girls would now, never be able to bare children.
  • And now large numbers of hospitals all over the Empire are issuing appeals for the means to treat venereal disease.
  • It is quite possible to manufacture an ointment which, if properly used, would be a preventive of all forms of venereal disease.
  • Marriage cannot be made safe, of course, so long as men are permitted to contract venereal diseases, and spread them.
  • Approximately one-fourth (sometimes one-half) of these armies become infected with venereal disease every year.
  • Tuberculosis and venereal disease are rife, and the two make a terribly fatal combination amongst Indians.
  • If he infects another, knowing himself to have a venereal disease, he is subject, not to fine, but to a long term of imprisonment.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Venereal | Venereal Sentence

  • The venereal diseases.
  • Sexual love and the venereal sense in religions.
  • The most inexcusable unfitness is venereal disease.
  • Second, Pustular venereal disease.
  • Third, Phagedenic venereal disease.
  • Prevention of venereal diseases, 11th and 17th December.
  • R. A. Plain words about venereal disease.
  • What are the kinds of Venereal Tumours or Impostumes?
  • Of venereal cases there were only one hundred and seventy-four.
  • It is said that chastity is the only real safeguard against venereal disease.
  • Plainly venereal diseases are causes, not preventives, of immorality.
  • What is the difference between a Pestilential and a Venereal Buboe?
  • Plain words about venereal disease, by Thomas Parran & R. A. Vonderlehr.
  • Of Critical, Malignant, Pestilential, and Venereal Tumours and Impostumes.

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