Vengeance In A Sentence

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  • But will at least take vengeance on him.
  • You are about to wreak your disgusting vengeance on it.
  • That shower down vengeance on these latter days.
  • But will at least take vengeance upon him.
  • Perhaps you have called vengeance 'justice'?
  • In vengeance Atreus drove him from the realm.
  • Death snapped the sparks, and Vengeance hurled the flames.
  • The Vengeance of James Vansittart.
  • May our vengeance be as speedy as it will unquestionably be sure!
  • Without doubt it was owing to her vengeance that they had died as they did.
  • The tranquil beauty of the country played the very vengeance with me.
  • But the evil man is far from the vengeance of the white man.
  • Jake had left with vengeance in his heart, and this was his opportunity.
  • The bloodhounds with shouts of vengeance rushed on the narrow stone stairs.
  • Therefore will I take vengeance upon them, a fearful vengeance.
  • And feare least the all over-seeer Can without vengeance see these ignomies?

How To Use Vengeance In A Sentence?

  • The few who escaped his vengeance spread themselves over the country in predatory bands.
  • One of its clauses breathes dire vengeance against such as administer illegal oaths.
  • With the heavy mirror she turned on him, seeking vengeance for her imagined wrongs.
  • I shall look upon this with envy, but neither seek vengeance on you nor on him whom you hold dear.
  • Now, for a half-hour, vengeance on vermin that have plagued us during the night!
  • It transforms everything into a relation of contract: even vengeance is equated in terms of money.
  • When their vengeance was satisfied, they cast me loose, removed the gag, and ran away.
  • And, as his springing steps advance, Catch war and vengeance from the glance.
  • The Long Arrow had found a place where he could carry out his vengeance undisturbed.
  • But to the Raiatean sailors, big and brawny, half fish, was the vengeance given.
  • He secures vengeance on Matazaemon through Iemon and this official extinction of Tamiya.
  • The finger starts up as with an electric power, as if it could draw down the vengeance which it communicates.
  • But why be content to see a woman weep or die, when there was a man on whom vengeance could be taken?
  • She would dare, and being what she was she almost surely would seek vengeance on the mullah before doing anything else.
  • Challenges should not mention the duellist; he has nothing much at stake, and the real vengeance cannot reach him.
  • The daring enterprises of these ruffians were well known; the objects of their cupidity or vengeance were insecure even in palaces.
  • Abbas, who had put to death the khalif his master, found himself obliged to fly from before the vengeance of the incensed people.
  • Men say she fears vengeance for the stolen ammunition, because it was plenty for a conquest of India.
  • He cursed and prayed for God's vengeance to be his, upon the entrance of his adversary.
  • They would bring Chapman's vengeance to an abrupt end and avert an ignominious family scandal.
  • Great was the astonishment, but greater the wrath of Pompey, and dire the vengeance that he denounced against his assailant.
  • George agreed with her; from the start he had thought Chapman was actuated less by a desire for vengeance than a hope of gain.
  • What is th' offense so grievous to your nature, That asks such cruel vengeance on yourself?
  • A campaign of vengeance into the homeland of the Six Nations was to be the crowning effort of the year.

Definition of Vengeance

Revenge taken for an insult, injury, or other wrong. | Desire for revenge.
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