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  • Venn replied that he was hanged if he would.
  • Venn gave vent to a whistle and looked grave.
  • Dolly Venn answered me this time.
  • Dolly Venn was still curled at my feet.
  • Dolly Venn was curled up at my feet like a dog.
  • Ask Dolly Venn there.
  • Peter Bligh and Dolly Venn go up with me to work the gun.
  • By the Lord, Venn old man, I spent a lively half-hour.
  • And how is Venn?
  • Dolly Venn had a boy's delight in the difficulty.
  • Venn arranges for Christina to be drowned in a boating "accident".
  • They turned it over in their minds, and Dolly Venn spoke next.
  • I could see that they were pleased, and Dolly Venn spoke up for them.
  • And Dolly Venn, he said: "We are five, at any rate.
  • Seth Barker said nothing, but I named him and spoke about Dolly Venn.
  • Venn is the best of good fellows, but he'd never have done for a parson.

How To Use Venn In A Sentence?

  • Dolly Venn had already opened his eyes and lay back, white and bloodless, on the sofa.
  • I was more sorry for little Dolly Venn than any of them, though his pluck was wonderful to see.
  • He was always a rare plucky one, was little Dolly Venn, and he behaved as such that night.
  • This was all well said, but Dolly Venn, quicker with his eyes, remarked a stranger fact.
  • Dolly Venn was already there, and Seth Barker, lying on the stones and panting like a great dog.
  • Dolly Venn chattered away about a shot that must have struck the boat last night and burst her seams.
  • I have Clair-de-Lune with me at the great sea-gate, and Dolly Venn and Seth Barker are at the gun.
  • Venn had written stating that he feared they would see no more of Roland Dorrien until such time as that worthy chose to disclose his whereabouts.
  • Immediately saw about Venn: wrote urgently to him to send the order direct to Spottiswoode, and marked this on the sheet.
  • Now, just show me the road to the governor's door, and then run away and tell Dolly Venn.
  • Let them find the courage to float it, and it is even possible that Dolly Venn and I can do the rest.
  • They agreed to this, and without further parley we went on deck and heard what the lad "Dolly" Venn had to tell us.
  • Dolly Venn was fast asleep by that time, and Peter Bligh and the carpenter no less willing for a spell of rest.
  • In the first place, as Dr. Venn shows, natural phenomena want the distinctness and capability of isolation that belong to symbols.
  • Thinkers of both schools (he quotes Caird and Venn) admit that the process of judgment involves a change in objects, at least as they are for us.
  • Shirin is the over-emotional, unconventional wife of Venn, dour owner of the "dark island", Storn.
  • All along the middle slope of Black Venn itself, a wide, deep fissure, dark and impenetrable, had stretched from ages unrecorded.
  • If Venn, a London man, could not trace his friend, what chance had he himself, who could bring neither time nor experience to bear upon his quest?
  • Dolly Venn, who was rated as fourth officer, was with me in the launch, and Harry Doe, the boatswain, at the tiller.
  • Barker was no less determined upon it; and as for Dolly Venn, I believe he'd have cried like a child if he'd been left behind.
  • Now, I have told you that little Dolly Venn had served in the Naval Reserve and knew more of gunnery than the most of us.
  • Now the Black Venn referred to was a great mound of lias that rolled up and inland, in the far sweep of the bay, from the giddy margin of the lower ruin of cliffs.
  • Old Clair-de-Lune was the first to be up, but I was close upon his heels, and Dolly Venn not far behind me.
  • We were all (except little Dolly Venn, who wanted his strength yet) sitting at the supper table when half an hour had passed and eating like men who had fasted for a month.
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