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  • To make a room cold is by no means necessarily to ventilate it.
  • Nor is it at all necessary, in order to ventilate a room, to chill it.
  • He closed that window quickly; but he opened others to ventilate the room.

How To Use Ventilate In A Sentence?

  • With impunity might the tenderfoot ventilate his "stovepipe" or his theories of culture.
  • I ought to be willing to defend their case for an opportunity to ventilate the character of the plaintiff in the suit.
  • Mr. Sikes next proceeded to ventilate the question of Post Office Savings Banks.
  • To ventilate a small room without draughts of course requires more care than to ventilate a large one.
  • Indeed, when it is very cold or stormy, it is unsafe to ventilate by lowering the upper sash of the windows.
  • The open window looked out on a small inner yard, a sort of well which served to ventilate a part of the house.
  • The sun was bright and the breeze fresh, and after opening the skylights to ventilate the boat, he went below to see if their blankets were damp.
  • The latter are often due to the wearing of too tight or too heavy clothing, or the failure properly to wash, cleanse, and ventilate the skin.
  • With proper bed-clothes and hot bottles, if necessary, you can always keep a patient warm in bed, and well ventilate him at the same time.
  • If you move so much as a yard from where yo're standing I ventilate McFluke immediate.
  • We are almost drawn into the dispute ourselves, and are disposed to ventilate a score of outrageous paradoxes, for the mere satisfaction of contradicting such wiseacres.
  • Many still think that it requires no science at all to ventilate a chamber, to clean out a drain, and to keep house and person free from uncleanness.
  • Thoroughly ventilate the areas by means of air bricks or other suitable connections with the outer air, and connect with one another by making through connections underneath the floor joists.

Definition of Ventilate

To replace stale or noxious air with fresh. | To circulate air through a building, etc. | To provide with a vent.
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