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  • I did not venture to kiss them.
  • I venture to relate it once more.
  • It was not a day to venture out far.
  • In this mood thou mayst venture it.
  • Pep was not afraid to venture anywhere or address anybody.
  • They were new-comers: why not venture over?
  • Scarcely I venture abroad.
  • But I did not venture to make any inquiries about them.
  • How dare I venture such a step, O king?
  • ARKAS Wilt thou so calmly venture everything?
  • Yes; we again venture to answer for the unbiassed reason of man.
  • No; we venture to answer for the universal intelligence of man.
  • They were afraid to venture alone about the forlorn black-looking chambers.
  • Gophertown riders would never venture that far up the canon with horses.
  • It is with some diffidence that I venture upon a convent story.
  • Perhaps after a time they could venture to marry and return openly to England.
  • Very good; and now say, do we venture to utter the forbidden word 'not-being'?
  • Then the old vehicle was left behind, and I did not venture to look back.
  • But how can I venture to attempt enumerating all that I saw there?
  • I venture to give one specimen of Tobias Martin's poetry.
  • And even if I were to venture home, what was I to do with Columbine?

How To Use Venture In A Sentence?

  • But what must not it have cost that timid thing to venture here with her warning!
  • At last Bert found he could venture from the water with safety, and accordingly did so.
  • Italy and success and the Cavendish Square venture have blotted out that early disappointment.
  • Even if I should find one, could I venture to disturb the school-house long after midnight?
  • Every moment she recollected herself better, and before her mind all the aspects of her venture ranged themselves.
  • The duellist turned pale as the death that threatened him, but he did not venture to make any objection.
  • I should certainly not venture to offer any remarks on taste to you, my love, under ordinary circumstances.
  • Jack gave the old man his hand, and promised that in the morning he would venture his life to free the lady.
  • I did not venture to make any further effort to shake his resolution, and for two decades his manuscript was carefully treasured in my desk.
  • To be sure, he liked to do it; but their system seemed very poor to him, though he did not venture to say so.
  • After many hardships he determined to brave the terrors of the law and venture back once more to England.
  • Let every man take care how he speaks or writes of honest people, and not set down at a venture the first thing that comes uppermost.
  • That was all, but it was quite enough; in fact, the difficulty thereafter was to induce any one to venture into the room on any terms.
  • I venture to transcribe one of these letters, written to his brother at Germoe, who had been ailing for some time.
  • But I did not venture to make the offer, and, after she had gone, remained a few minutes with the old gentleman.
  • I made that desperate venture which no true man makes without a pang of forced courage; but, thank God!
  • They were highly elated over their business progress in the new venture and infused their families and friends with their own enthusiasm and delight.
  • And in the morning he took her, with Dicky at his heels; for not only did his wife still nurse her neck, but in truth she feared to venture abroad.
  • Hence we venture to assert that there is no scientific problem of which we may dare to say that the mind of man will never solve it even in the remotest future.

Definition of Venture

(transitive) To undertake a risky or daring journey. | (transitive) To risk or offer. | (intransitive) to dare to engage in; to attempt without any certainty of success. Used with at or on
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