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  • His veracity was obvious.
  • Her veracity is as elastic as her conscience.
  • There is no reason to doubt the veracity of this report.
  • His veracity was often questioned, and not without reason.
  • The veracity of the picture is destroyed by no final inconsistency.
  • An important element of veracity is correctness in ascertaining facts.
  • If I tell the tale by a kitchen-fire, my veracity will be disputed.
  • Napoleon in Saint Helena is charmed with the genial veracity of old Homer.

How To Use Veracity In A Sentence?

  • Bertie lent an air of veracity to the different versions by his own proceedings.
  • To intimate my doubts of his veracity would be to provoke abhorrence and outrage.
  • There was an expression of sad veracity in her countenance, that was not to be distrusted.
  • Of course all depends on the veracity of the narrator and the person to whom he told his tale.
  • Frontiersmen are quick to resent an affront, and when their veracity is impugned they fight.
  • The veracity attained is only that of a mosaic of bits, each with its morsel of truth.
  • It is founded on the lowest selfishness, and includes a departure from veracity and honesty.
  • His high character for veracity and honor gave him singular advantages in his foreign intercourse.
  • English veracity seems to result on a sounder animal structure, as if they could afford it.
  • She will know whether any one has called here, and in justice to my veracity you must ask her.
  • Cultivate veracity as a virtue, as a grace, as a vital necessity for the integrity of the soul.
  • In regard to the great principles of veracity and justice, every one perceives this to be true.
  • He had a good memory, also a fair imagination; nor was veracity one of his virtues.
  • There is not a particle of veracity or noble feeling that I have ever been able to trace in him.
  • Their sons, I fear, have declined somewhat from their veracity at that precise point.
  • Will some one kindly explain that, without at the same time denying the veracity of God? 4.
  • Properly this was an issue of veracity between Seddon and Bissell, of easy solution.
  • The third element of veracity is Truth of Purpose, or fidelity in the fulfilment of promises.
  • Perhaps mathematics more than anything else has fed the voracity which we have seen veracity to exact.
  • Differences in detail and emphasis are to be expected and do not reflect upon the veracity of either writer.
  • Kant asserted the veracity of consciousness, and demanded an absolute acknowledgment of that veracity.
  • And he looked round at his auditors with a world of confidence and veracity depicted upon his countenance.
  • Her habitual veracity is above suspicion; the sense of duty and justice is innate in her.
  • True or false as might be the story, there was no doubt of the veracity of that portion which referred to the drink.
  • I look upon the simple and childish virtues of veracity and honesty as the root of all that is sublime in character.
  • Does he seem in those premises to put veracity below chastity, and falsehood below personal impurity?
  • Neville himself freely played with the subject, and it is strange that he did not excite some suspicion of his veracity among his readers.
  • Una still had faith in the veracity of whatever appeared in the public prints, as compared with what she dared see for herself.
  • He could hear them cursing him as they passed, and even casting doubts on the veracity of his visitors of the previous night.
  • Even in regard to the most common events of a single day, we often proceed on a confidence in the veracity of a great variety of individuals.
  • From such a point of view intellectual veracity takes on a moral aspect; indeed, it is a pillar of morality.
  • It was not that he had faith in the veracity of the Tomcat, but he relied upon his want of courage.

Definition of Veracity

(uncountable, of a person) The quality of speaking or stating the truth; truthfulness. | (countable) Something that is true; a truthful statement; a truth. | (uncountable) Agreement with the facts; accordance with the truth; accuracy or precision.
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