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How To Use Verbally In A Sentence?

  • Suffice it to say that although there were several ladies present it was verbally adequate.
  • He thought so vividly and so verbally that he was nearly talking to himself as he went along.
  • I described at some length, both verbally and pictorially, the untimely end of that wayfarer.
  • Another wise saw, verbally sound, but going to pieces under the pitiless logic of fact.
  • I put some problems to it verbally and was able to satisfy myself as to its abilities in the matter of arithmetic.
  • Lotze's remedy for the impossibility thus verbally found is to change the first word.
  • Instead of replying verbally she raised her arm and pointed across the roadway to a patch of worn green in the park.
  • He went on eating without verbally questioning her; it was an assertion to which she always held firmly.
  • In general society invitations to luncheon are issued by written notes or are verbally given according to circumstances.
  • All love-making, even the most sincere and eloquent, is verbally disappointingly alike and rather tame.
  • He contended that it is a contradiction in terms to call anything a revelation that comes to us at second-hand, either verbally or in writing.
  • He contended that it is a contradiction in terms to call anything a revelation that comes to us second-hand, either verbally or in writing.
  • When he was afoot they went verbally unnoticed, since it was his habit to use a Winchester for a crutch.
  • I dislike writing; would sooner verbally make known my views, yet you know writing causes me thus to proceed.
  • It is accordingly with good reason that I have described the hymns, like the incantations proper, as verbally inspired.
  • While his "soul" had soared verbally she enjoyed him as she enjoys a "ballad concert," those love songs which say so much and mean so very little.
  • It is said on good authority that the French emissary verbally offered the complete restoration of Prussia if she would desert her ally.
  • For it is not a question of receiving communications either verbally or from some person who, having the knowledge, has set the same down in a book to which we have access.
  • Consequently we can now see that the older translations, even when verbally defensible and even skilful, are often seriously inadequate or misleading.
  • As near as it said anything, verbally speaking, it said: "Well, if you must spoil it, you must.
  • But as verbally and grammatically expressed, it certainly would cover those general threats of disaster to the whole community which are the main matter of political discussion.
  • He had no reason to doubt that his presence, and all his enthusiastic plans were welcome, and so he was left blinded to any other feelings on the part of his brother than those which he verbally expressed.
  • My name was entered on the shipping articles as mate, although it was verbally understood that I was to be considered as the navigator and sailing master.
  • It violates our mental habits, being a kind of passive and receptive listening quite contrary to that effort to react noisily and verbally on everything, which is our usual intellectual pose.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Verbally | Verbally Sentence

  • She verbally abused me.
  • He communicated that to me verbally and in writing.
  • To state them verbally was useless.
  • I did not verbally assent to his proposal.
  • They stated their case both verbally and in writing.
  • We bind ourselves over verbally to keep the peace.
  • The woman never verbally solicited alms.
  • To let himself go verbally was a wild, bitter pleasure.
  • Then it was that Sir Andrew verbally broke the silence.
  • Austen had never verbally arraigned those duties until to-night.
  • He has, therefore, directed me verbally to give you such instructions.
  • When a royal invitation is verbally given, the answer should be verbal also.

Definition of Verbally

In a verbal manner; with words; by speaking.
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