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  • Why should he be so ardent in desiring grave and verbose writers?
  • So Mrs. Beecot wrote in her verbose style, and with some errors of grammar.

How To Use Verbose In A Sentence?

  • But no, it was only a verbose war, which portended nothing more than a noisy clamor.
  • After a crisis of verbose gaiety, they would often lapse into profound silence.
  • There is a verbose preface, but no note or comment, though some such aid is now and then a little wanted.
  • Yet aside from their verbose complainings, which served political purpose in giving an air of official vigilance, the authorities did nothing.
  • Mr Huxley wastes much satire on avuncular energies in war-time and makes his hero escape from his verbose relatives to walk the streets.
  • For he is not verbose and extravagant, he is taciturn and thrifty; he deliberately uses the mildest instead of the strongest of the adjectives at his disposal.
  • That twice two is four need not be repeated; but where the human being is enveloped in a cloud of verbose mystery, that cloud can only be dispelled by continued flashes of moral lightning.
  • His writing, though very unequal, and sometimes exceedingly verbose and amateurish in point of style, was almost always direct and easy to understand.

Definition of Verbose

Abounding in words, containing more words than necessary; long-winded. | (computing) Producing unusually detailed output for diagnostic purposes.

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