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  • What is shining on the verdant mountain?
  • Such a verdant visitor is always most interesting.
  • That spreads her verdant leaf to the morning ray.
  • But Bertie was not quite so verdant as he looked.
  • Then the sportsmen bear her To the verdant forests.
  • Below us lay the verdant slopes of Kaupo.
  • Upon the verdant grass fall dead both knight And steed.
  • And turn'd from the verdant spot.
  • On this verdant table it was proposed to spread the banquet.
  • I also infer that she thought we must be very verdant and an easy prey.
  • Where once was dense and impassable jungle now sweep smooth and verdant hills.
  • Your young verdant spring and my frosted winter would be ill matched.
  • My green retreat at Butler's verdant bay.
  • Bless the dear old verdant land, Brother, wert thou born of it?
  • Come, soft skies of blue, O'er the earth of verdant hue Bend in peace!
  • Now to Tempe's verdant wood, Over the mid-ocean flood Lo!

How To Use Verdant In A Sentence?

  • He fancied himself on the verdant lawn that spreads beneath the ancient chestnut-trees.
  • And at its foot a smiling, shimmering lake Lay in the still lap of a verdant glade.
  • So she bore him to a verdant garden, And 'neath pomegranate trees interr'd him.
  • In the rich sunset see how brightly glow Yon cottage homes, girt round with verdant green!
  • This ancient structure reposes in a verdant dell at the foot of Snug Hamlet Hill.
  • Tartlet and he then remounted the first line of sandhills and crossed the verdant prairies which they had seen a few hours before.
  • In ten minutes more we were treading the verdant sod of the island, when my first movement was to walk round it.
  • The verdant meadows stretched far away rich in the lush grass and many flowers that dotted them with touches of light.
  • The city from the foothills as you look out upon it seems an island forest of tall towers, surrounded by a verdant plain.
  • How could poor, ignorant, verdant emigrants know the difference between a patent and a transfer deed?
  • Sailing first to the east they passed a low-lying country, almost bare of forests, but with verdant and inviting meadows.
  • It puts me in mind of a hot bed in a hard winter, surrounded with ice, and made verdant and flourishing only by artificial means.
  • The nymphs of our groves seek in vain their verdant shades along the treeless rivulets, and flee away, sighing their elegies.
  • But now a few feet of sky, and a glimpse of verdant back-yards from one window, is all I can boast of when housed.
  • In the dark places of the earth thy footsteps may we trace, By fruitful fields and verdant plains where once were desert wastes.
  • The Sahara was a verdant green, while a great portion of the Amazon valley was inundated by bluish seas.
  • And how Scothinus walked upon the waves, Which seemed to him the meadow's verdant sod.
  • There was a dazzling glare from the white buildings of the town and the coral roads, but the moment we reached the outlying country all was verdant and restful.
  • Father, thy hand Hath reared these venerable columns, thou Didst weave this verdant roof.
  • Beyond the stretch of verdant oasis watered by a number of creeks, we crossed wide cultivated plains through which the line made frequent diversions.
  • Scattered everywhere were sunken lakes and rippling cascades and verdant terraces, so arranged that at every turn the eye was charmed by some new delight.
  • Then from his palace runs A greyhound fair which on the verdant grass Assails the fiercer of the other beasts Before them all.
  • I take all this pains to prove that I was not green, because I had an especial horror of verdancy in general, and verdant boys in particular.
  • Located in one of the most fertile portions of the island, the city extends up the picturesque and verdant hills by which the bay is surrounded, in the form of an amphitheatre.

Definition of Verdant

Green in colour. | Abundant in verdure; lush with vegetation. | Fresh.
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