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  • Is it not a veritable universe?
  • He looked a veritable jailbird.
  • I had read of it as a veritable death-trap.
  • The world was turned into a veritable paradise!
  • Tartlet, a prey to a veritable hallucination, had risen.
  • I was translated to the veritable garden of Eden.
  • To Patricia this seemed a veritable finger of destiny.
  • But, dear, he is strong in veritable Chinese besides!
  • A veritable scene from the old Arabian Nights indeed!
  • Los Andes ranch was indeed a veritable Garden of Eden.
  • The view revealed from the top of the island was a veritable apocalypse.
  • The flotilla had run into a veritable nest of the undersea terrors.
  • There were others in the volume, a veritable treasure trove.
  • When the blood ran hot, it ran a veritable fire in the veins.
  • There was a veritable army of Rangers on guard at the doors of the courtroom.
  • True and veritable Being is known to us only by reason, by thought.
  • C'était dans cette phrase qu'était la véritable condamnation de Robespierre.
  • She might have had a veritable hand in to-night's drama and still be innocent.
  • Finally a veritable gale was blowing and the Eskimos' faces grew serious.

How To Use Veritable In A Sentence?

  • It was indeed a refuge from the storms of life, and a veritable chamber of peace.
  • A veritable woman in his intuitions, he spoke from them, and the heart of the people responded.
  • Medoline, it seems, has fished out of the slums a veritable saint, and handsome as he is good.
  • The camp-stool was for her, as I always reposed on the grass, wrapped in a veritable tartan.
  • All the time the storm was increasing in power and by nightfall a gale was blowing and a veritable blizzard raging.
  • In private waters there are veritable monsters, but the stranger is not likely to make acquaintance with them.
  • So pushing open the door, we entered our sanctuary as though it had been a veritable city of refuge.
  • But, after a moment's peering, between them she caught gleams of veritable light.
  • All went well till one day she surpassed herself by transforming a certain stately matron into a veritable sylph.
  • I heard afterwards that he had received a slight wound in his left arm, and the pain had transformed him into a veritable demon.
  • Nobody could trace the exact origin of the movement, but selling-orders came tumbling in until there was a veritable panic.
  • After that cave there were two sharp turns in the tunnel, and then at last a sea of noise and a veritable blaze of light.
  • Amidst a veritable pandemonium from the crazed spectators he passed them, but still had one lap to make up in fifteen miles.
  • To them it seemed a veritable resurrection after our months of living burial; yet the joy of reunion was sometimes tinged with sorrow.
  • I was afraid of no street traffic; only of cycles, which, by reason of their silence, are veritable ogres to the blind.
  • The bird of paradise is interesting as having for a time been accepted as the veritable phoenix, a fact which has escaped Gibbon.
  • In proof of this, read these veritable specimens of definitions, written by public school children that very year in another school of this town.
  • They would take these off to sell to you and haggle, like the veritable Eastern traders that they were, with you for the price.
  • Some of the party had caught a sun-burned shepherd in among the rocks, a veritable Pan in his shaggy goat-skin.
  • A woodland path led me into what seemed, and was, a veritable forest; boughs interlaced above, with glimpses of blue sky between.

Definition of Veritable

True; genuine.
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