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  • The development of the vertebrate skull.
  • This remarkable condition has no parallel among other vertebrate animals.
  • We are all vertebrate animals; why seek to conceal the fact?
  • The Paleozoic era witnessed the first appearance of vertebrate life.
  • In the vertebrate world, the male rules; the female plays a secondary part.
  • Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Berkeley, Calif. NMC.
  • The Pleistocene vertebrate fauna from Cumberland Cave, Maryland.

How To Use Vertebrate In A Sentence?

  • Remember that you are a vertebrate animal, and it is by mistake that you have developed a soul.
  • But I can include the quality vertebrate because all horses agree in being vertebrate.
  • The classes of the Vertebrate sub-kingdom have their connecting links or intermediate forms.
  • In making the division of Vertebrate animals into classes the skeleton is often almost ignored.
  • Therefore it varies less in distinctive character within the limits of each of the classes of vertebrate animals than either the head or limbs.
  • Let us suppose we are fitting up a taxidermic laboratory in which to mount all kinds of vertebrate animals, great and small.
  • In other classes of vertebrate animals, such structures are few and exceptional, and never attain to the same degree of completeness and beauty.
  • The vertebrate zoologist glories in the skeleton of almost any living species of vertebrate, but a fossil skeleton he fairly worships.
  • The most important vertebrate forms are being rapidly swept off the face of the earth by firearms, traps, and other engines of destruction.
  • Stratigraphy and vertebrate paleontology of Pleistocene deposits of southwestern Kansas.
  • He set about studying mineralogy, geology, botany, and was soon observing the homologies of the vertebrate skeleton.
  • Manual of the vertebrate animals of the northeastern United States, inclusive of marine species.
  • I can only repeat that it is appalling to speculate upon the extent to which that origin must have preceded the epoch of the first recorded appearance of vertebrate life.
  • From two or three mineral substances his bones are crystalized, and articulated as the bones of all vertebrate animals, and over them the muscles are extended.
  • In the vertebrate world it is chiefly among birds of prey that the female is the larger and bolder; the care of the young devolves largely upon her.
  • In the normal development of the tadpole from the egg, as in all other vertebrate animals, the lens is formed from the outer skin or ectoderm of the head.

Definition of Vertebrate

Having a backbone. | An animal having a backbone.
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