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How To Use Vertex In A Sentence?

  • Given the tangent at the vertex of a parabola, and two other tangents, to find the focus.
  • Frontal vesicle: in Odonata; that elevated area on the vertex upon which the ocelli are situated.
  • The bones of the skull are cut through and the whole of the vault removed, exposing the entire vertex of the brain.
  • Lateral foveolae: in Orthoptera: foveate depressions on the margins of the vertex near the front border of the eye.
  • Epicranium: the upper part of the head from the front to the neck: often used to include front, vertex and genae:= calva.
  • Pursuing the decline and curve of the street a little further brings you to the vertex of a triangle of level ground, on the base of which the chapel stands.
  • In a parabola the vertex is equally distant from the focus and the directrix, these three points and the point at infinity on the axis being four harmonic points.
  • By taking the point at the vertex of the conic, we note that this ratio is less than unity for the ellipse, greater than unity for the hyperbola, and equal to unity for the parabola.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vertex | Vertex Sentence

  • The distance from the vertex to the tragus is uniformly great.
  • Sinciput: in Coleoptera; that part of the vertex between the eyes.

Definition of Vertex

The highest point of something. | (anatomy) The highest surface on the skull. | (geometry) The common point of the two rays of the angle, or its equivalent structure in polyhedra (meeting of edges) and higher order polytopes.
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