Very Carefully In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Very Carefully | Very Carefully Sentence

  • Watered them very carefully.
  • Sube examined it very carefully.
  • He thought about it very carefully.
  • But go over very carefully.
  • This had to be very carefully done.
  • She dressed very carefully.
  • Very carefully he closed the door.
  • Read the lessons as printed very carefully.
  • The time should be very carefully noted.
  • She looked very carefully at the stones.
  • The statistics are very carefully preserved.
  • I have copied the necklace very carefully.
  • They guard their women very carefully.
  • This return should be very carefully prepared.
  • I went to work very carefully.
  • I have tested the matter very carefully.
  • Then you must go very carefully.
  • She looked into this reply very carefully.
  • The tracery has been entirely and very carefully restored.
  • Very carefully he leaned out and pressed the trigger.
  • She removed it very carefully when she washed her hands.
  • Then she sat up and washed her face very carefully.
  • He brushed his clothes very carefully that morning.
  • Captain, listen very carefully.
  • You have both been very carefully shadowed to-day.
  • Very carefully and slowly he pushed upward.
  • I must think everything over very carefully.
  • Then he tried very carefully to open up negotiations.
  • Marion went on, very carefully.
  • One of the four very carefully brought them inside.
  • Take off the lace very carefully when perfectly dry.
  • Again he went and shut the door very carefully.
  • Then he descended very carefully, and joined him.
  • Her fair hair was always very carefully crimped.
  • C., had to be watched very carefully.

How To Use Very Carefully In A Sentence?

  • He made his way very carefully to the little mound.
  • He reached down and seized it, but very carefully.
  • Robin bowed to her very carefully, and stood upright again.
  • Pink cut the cards very carefully, and did not look up.
  • He examined it very carefully; then he handed it back.
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