Very Dangerous In A Sentence

How To Use Very Dangerous In A Sentence?

  • Their missions are very dangerous and the people of some of them are harsh and fierce.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Very Dangerous | Very Dangerous Sentence

  • They were very dangerous.
  • That looks very dangerous for her.
  • This is a very dangerous disease.
  • He is very important and very dangerous.
  • It is a very dangerous practice.
  • They are very dangerous enemies.
  • It is very dangerous stuff.
  • And it might have been very dangerous for you.
  • But we were in a very dangerous hole.
  • It seems a very dangerous idea.
  • I have information which will prove very dangerous to him.
  • I regard this as a very dangerous tendency.
  • In times of a freshet it is very dangerous.
  • The surgeon pronounced it to be very dangerous.
  • The situation was a very dangerous one.
  • They are very dangerous for anybody to meet with.
  • His position was really very dangerous.
  • He will be a very dangerous man to us.
  • It is obviously of very dangerous practical tendency.
  • I think it a very dangerous shore to fall in with.
  • The climbing of cliffs is a very dangerous pastime.
  • The work ahead may be very dangerous.
  • A person equipped with such power might be very dangerous.
  • The minute anatomy of emotions is a very dangerous topic.
  • Twelve, it created a very dangerous situation.
  • A heresy so easily overcome could not be very dangerous.
  • Pity is a very dangerous emotion, when pity is not sought.
  • However, things were getting very acute and very dangerous.
  • Jaguars, on the contrary, were very dangerous antagonists.
  • The Queen is in a very dangerous way.
  • Lord Henry had the charm of being very dangerous.
  • This was a very dangerous situation for Nelka.
  • Your Majesty, it is very dangerous....
  • Very dangerous.
  • They wander everywhere and are very dangerous when met with.
  • It is a very dangerous thing to have notions about anything.
  • She thought suddenly that she had been playing with very dangerous tools.
  • This would be very dangerous to the republican form of government.
  • It is very dangerous to leave decayed vegetables in a cellar.
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