Very Expensive In A Sentence

How To Use Very Expensive In A Sentence?

  • Fresh fruit in some localities is very expensive and quite beyond the possibility of serving.
  • He had other uses for the money that coal would cost; besides it was very expensive.
  • In fact, to use any kind of human being as a switching system is a very expensive proposition.
  • Travelling is difficult, but not very expensive, as every one possesses horses or mules.
  • He could be cured, the doctors say, by a very expensive operation and some special care.
  • In the first place, wireless telephony is now, and probably always will be, very expensive.
  • In fact, I doubt whether the public realizes what a very expensive thing opera is.
  • I don't want anything very expensive, but of course I'd be willing to pay a fair price.
  • By reason of their remoteness they are very expensive to equip and maintain, but they are well worth while.
  • I remember one who was studying to become a mortician and he got several very expensive books on the subject.
  • At first dynamos were made with great big steel magnets, but those were very expensive and unsatisfactory.
  • Another reason that it was not higher is that we had to purchase the very expensive grain from Coromandel.
  • She seemed to wish to make it clear to him that it need not be, after all, so very expensive to take a wife.
  • This was not a very expensive sort of education, but she could not forgive him for not casting the offensive child away utterly.
  • The present road is in such poor condition, that maintaining a locating party at work during the winter would be very expensive.
  • Moreover it rendered the product very expensive, for it required a great number of slaves to clean any considerable quantity of cotton.
  • They were shown to her, and she selected several very expensive ornaments, which she said she wished to wear at a reception that evening.
  • The use of these vessels could be traced very far back in ancient times; their maintenance was very expensive, and they were useless.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Very Expensive | Very Expensive Sentence

  • Fish is scarce and very expensive.
  • I shall be very expensive.
  • I gave you a very expensive funeral.
  • Our present existence is very expensive.
  • Dogs are very expensive things in this expensive country.
  • Densuke, oil is very expensive.
  • You see my brother has very expensive tastes.
  • It was a new one he said, and very expensive to hire.
  • He had a very expensive rod, reel, and book of flies.
  • Are you aware that London lodgings are very expensive?
  • But it's very expensive stuff.
  • Also, 'tis very expensive.
  • This enables the farmer to grow nitrogen which is very expensive to buy.
  • They largely take the place of very expensive distribution offices in cities.
  • And to occupy it in any way, would be a very expensive undertaking.
  • Excavations here, while quite desirable, would be very expensive.
  • He conceives it to be wrong, to be absurd, and to be very expensive.
  • Our operations in the Shenandoah Valley had been very expensive and fruitless.
  • The Nile route, though sure, would be slow and very expensive.
  • Dinners here are very expensive, and parties at Taverns very much in Fashion.
  • That's a very expensive weapon, Mr. Ambassador.
  • That would be extra--electricity is very expensive!
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