Very First In A Sentence

How To Use Very First In A Sentence?

  • Or would the very first bullet go through his head?
  • And the fatal thing happened at very first sight of her.
  • At the very first, he had come of his own accord.
  • Kateri was there in the morning, and among the very first.
  • It was the very first time since ...

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Very First | Very First Sentence

  • We are the very first.
  • Something has attracted me from the very first.
  • From the very first it was a success.
  • Mutually they had adopted it from the very first.
  • Felix distrusted him from the very first.
  • But you have set yourself against him from the very first.
  • Parley was the very first whom they attacked.
  • This was the very first pine.
  • Tell him that it is of the very first importance.
  • Perhaps this is not true at the very first.
  • Dandy knew her at the very first glance.
  • But from the very first it was utterly hopeless.
  • And on the very first vote she was elected.
  • This happened my very first morning.
  • His very first words showed this.
  • Lila had noticed her the very first evening.
  • Some instinct from the very first warned me against her.
  • O weeks of the very first love!
  • I suspected as much from the very first!
  • But at the very first word he stopped.
  • From the very first the child never murmured.
  • You surely have not forgotten our very first meeting?
  • Verhaecht was among the very first of landscape-painters.
  • These are the very first jewels the company perfected.
  • Observed for the very first time the cypress-tree.
  • I think we liked each other at this very first moment.
  • The tragedy started with the very first ball.
  • The very first of these was blessed by a lucky accident.
  • His understanding boggled at its very first notes.
  • From the very first everything went well with him.
  • But from the very first, dear!
  • From the very first bull that he dared to attack.
  • They knew this from the very first day after the wedding.
  • It stifles conspiracy in its very first movements.
  • These will only be seen in very first-class shops.
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