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  • It is a very helpful collection to students, especially, although not so large as some others.
  • That that service was very helpful to the best interests of Brazil no one attempted to deny.
  • Thank you, old man, but you're not very helpful, and I'd much sooner you kept it yourself.
  • The red chilepeppers were very helpful in assisting the newcomers to adapt to their new surroundings.
  • Here is one situation in which accelerating growth with cloches or cold frames would be very helpful.
  • The table on the opposite page has been very accurately compiled, and will be very helpful to those who desire the exact time.
  • She had come up to call, determined to be of use to them, and she had experience enough of travelling to be very helpful.
  • As a minister and life-long teacher, he rendered a very helpful service to the various communities, in which he lived and labored.
  • To sum up, there are five golden rules which I have found very helpful to me when playing an important match.
  • He felt, too, that a knowledge of these laws, could it once become second nature, would be very helpful to him as a dramatic poet.
  • Soot (1 peck to 30 gallons of water) allowed to stand till the liquid is clear, given once or twice a week, is very helpful.
  • Sir Robert was an important member of the British Delegation and made some very helpful suggestions.
  • My mother, who had considerable experience in the cultivation of flowers and vegetables, soon had a garden which was very helpful and instructive to her circle of neighbors and friends.
  • A review of the previous discussion of these elements (Chapter IV) may be very helpful in connection with this comparison.
  • The engaged couple may well learn to put into practice two simple yet very helpful suggestions for married people: never both lose your temper at the same time; make the other laugh once daily.
  • She said she found it was done at Ellerby, and was very helpful to all; and perhaps, when he had time, Mr. Somers would come in and help them.
  • Whatever her private feelings were, the parson's sister could be, and was on this occasion, a very helpful assistant to her brother.
  • Not that Tommy had removed many stones from horses' hoofs, not very many, but if you had a tooth that was loose it was very helpful.
  • And it is very helpful for those of us who have had a sort of dread of prophecy as of a vague something that we can't understand, to find after all how simple it is.
  • Then again, some of the books published on the subject are not very helpful to the average student.
  • A single verse may be best for the child: but a glance over the additional passages may be very helpful to the pastor or other person, delivering a short address at the close of the children's exercises.
  • In both cases he will get a usable but imperfect machine-translated result which may be very helpful, but will never have the same quality as a translation prepared by a human translator with special knowledge of the subject and the contents of the site.
  • This strength made her very helpful in more than one way on the farm, and her parents objected strongly when she announced her determination to leave home and earn her living in a broader sphere of usefulness, but their objections were without avail.
  • There are a good many services in the army which do not require the very best physical material, and it would be very helpful to get men of this age to fill those services, in order to release younger and fitter men to enter the fighting line.
  • Governments, large and small, are growing up all about us, and in such wise that we can watch the processes of growth, and learn lessons which, after making due allowances for difference of circumstance, are very helpful in the study of other times and countries.
  • But they are very helpful already; and some of them, particularly the typhoid vaccine, are of great value in preventing the attack of the disease, as small doses of it given to persons who have been exposed to the infection, or are obliged to drink infected water, as in traveling or in war, very greatly lessen their chances of catching the disease.
  • It follows from all this that students who have had even the most elementary course in Roman history have already some knowledge of Private Antiquities, and that those who have not studied the history of Rome at all will find very helpful the reading of even the briefest of our school histories.
  • Up to this day we look upon this art as very helpful for the cultivation of taste among the fair sex, who receive long courses of instruction by the generally aged masters of floral arrangement, who, along with their teaching in the treatment of plants, know how to instil ethics in their young pupils, taking the finished vase of flowers as the subject of conversation.
  • Mr. Spangler, a tall, lean man, very correctly dressed, who was depended upon in the diocese as a supply, made notes solemnly while Dr. Lavendar talked; but he sighed once or twice, patiently, for the old man was not very helpful.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Very Helpful | Very Helpful Sentence

  • What buildings have we that are very helpful to the people?
  • The boy was very helpful about camp.
  • The map study was very helpful.
  • Somehow, the explanation was not very helpful.
  • Land drill preceding the swimming lesson is very helpful.
  • The editor was very frank, very kind, and very helpful.
  • Really, you're not very helpful.
  • Some people put soot around the young plants, and think it is very helpful.
  • Miss Walsh said the whole summer experience had been very helpful.
  • Your letter was very helpful to me, for I am deeply discouraged just now.
  • Thus Charley had believed that Lumley would be very helpful to him.
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