Very Little In A Sentence

How To Use Very Little In A Sentence?

  • For he had very little to tell.
  • There was very little if any hope.
  • But he had told her very little about himself.
  • After this there was very little to be done.
  • They had said very little.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Very Little | Very Little Sentence

  • And he had very little more.
  • And she has very little.
  • But he said very little about them.
  • I have very little money.
  • Such a very little thing!
  • There was very little delay.
  • He had very little imagination.
  • Her cooking has very little to do with it.
  • It is a very little city.
  • One saw him very little.
  • Eleanor was very little likely to do it.
  • Very little of it went on now.
  • Luncheon aided him very little.
  • Very little was found in them.
  • Swift thought very little of him.
  • Very little opposition.
  • He has had very little to say to me.
  • He told me very little.
  • Then they let me have them for very little.
  • Of poetry there was very little.
  • At first we should do with very little.
  • He had very little money with him.
  • I have very little hope.
  • There was very little resemblance between them.
  • Without that there is very little hope.
  • There was very little to hear.
  • Maybe there is very little the matter.
  • After that there was very little competition.
  • I remember very little of it.
  • Much of it yields very little.
  • There was very little quarreling.
  • There was very little manoeuvring.
  • And now we have very little left.
  • He spoke very little.
  • There will be very little trouble for you now.
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