Very Poor In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Very Poor | Very Poor Sentence

  • We are now very poor.
  • They look very poor.
  • You have very poor manners.
  • The frontiersman was very poor.
  • The family had been very poor.
  • He was very poor and proud.
  • Are these people very poor?
  • And it is very poor pasture!
  • We are very poor in such news just now.
  • The shops are very poor.
  • And she looked very poor.
  • Her mother was very poor.
  • She was evidently very poor.
  • Communication with the base was very poor.
  • His parents were very poor.
  • You now understand that that is a very poor reliance.
  • They are very poor and know nothing.
  • Such paper is very poor stuff.
  • They had no men to hunt for them and they were very poor.
  • These people had no relations and were very poor.
  • You must know that we are very poor.
  • The smaller cultivators are all very poor.
  • I thought it very poor indeed.
  • Halleck was a very poor substitute later on.
  • The house is wooden and very poor.
  • One has the same pity for such men as for the very poor.
  • Mother, are we very poor?
  • But he met with very poor success.
  • There is a very poor hermitage there today.
  • The grass is very sparse because the soil is very poor.
  • He was very poor once, so she says.
  • We were very poor, my friend.
  • They know no better and are doubtless very poor.
  • They would find it a very poor comfort.
  • Once upon a time there was a man who was very poor.

How To Use Very Poor In A Sentence?

  • As a boy he was very poor and had to work hard.
  • Dry air is a very poor conductor of electricity.
  • You must have a very poor opinion of women.
  • I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking.
  • I made an effort to speak but it was very poor.
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