Very Smart In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Very Smart | Very Smart Sentence

  • They were very smart people.
  • It was all very smart and gay.
  • He looks very smart in his uniform.
  • Then we shall be a very smart train.
  • Polly, you are a very smart girl.
  • You are very smart, very clever.
  • Yes, my waistcoat is very smart: just look at it.
  • Very smart; picks things up the first time you tell him.
  • Very smart. Plant.
  • And a very smart bit of work it was, I remember.
  • It's white drill, it's very smart....
  • You are very smart.
  • Very smart!
  • He thinks he has been very smart in taking from me all the papers.
  • I didn't think the troops looked very smart.
  • At the same time he chuckled, because he thought himself very smart.
  • She thought her new friend's pertness very smart.
  • They like to see others who are considered very smart get into trouble.
  • It's very smart, your manner of getting out of it.
  • He wuz a infidel, and seemed to think it made him very smart.
  • Very smart work; you must have those vehicles of yours on hyperspace-drive....
  • The Swiss are the most graceful of all peasants, and wear very smart costumes.
  • You don't need wraps; it's like a summer night and you look very smart.
  • We need not discuss Donato, who is merely a very smart juggler.
  • And Silly Will strutted off down the road feeling very smart.
  • Some folks are very smart," replied Tim, getting angry.
  • He's very smart.
  • It doesn't take a very smart doctor these days to produce patients, does it?
  • Here come the mounted soldiers; they look very smart, don't they?

How To Use Very Smart In A Sentence?

  • There was a boy opposite me in the smoking-car who wanted to appear very smart and manly.
  • A regiment of hussars passed, looking very smart in their uniforms and plumed hats.
  • He was considered a very smart young man, and no one doubted his ability to take care of us.
  • Well, when Kari came there she was cook, and a very smart and clever girl she was.
  • Lady Mary, very smart in white muslin and a black hat, followed hard upon her telephone message.
  • Lady Everard, very smart in black, sparkling with diamonds, was already there with Aylmer.
  • Ciro's in the arcade is a restaurant only, and is very smart and not at all cheap.
  • The presence in the next room of a very smart appearing young woman was prominent in his consciousness.
  • Janet McFadden always says that I'm not very smart but that I've got lots of common sense.
  • Ditson seemed to think he was doing something very smart and cunning in betraying a fellow freshman into the hands of the sophomores.
  • And that so lonely young man was extended mead and balm in the shape of invitations to very smart affairs.
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