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  • Just then the vesper bell rang.
  • They had not heard the vesper bell.
  • The vesper hymn was raised by the nuns.
  • The day wears on and vesper draweth nigh.
  • They heard the vesper bell ringing in the distance.
  • As when through shadows sounds the Vesper Bell.
  • Illustrated by Vesper L. George.
  • I had held a vesper service that evening and had had a strange experience.
  • The bell of a neighboring church-tower strikes the vesper hour.
  • In imagination he heard the vesper bells, and then he wondered no longer.
  • The vesper bell called them to the chapel, and the conversation ceased.
  • Let our vesper hymn be blending With the holy calm around.
  • The Vesper Sparrow seems to be an uncommon winter visitant in Coahuila.
  • A Story of Sweet Sixteen Illustrated by Vesper L. George.
  • Sparrow, field, OR vesper sparrow, OR grass finch (Poaecetes gramineus).

How To Use Vesper In A Sentence?

  • My friend the song-leader had gone with me to hold the vesper service in the hospital.
  • Our little party reached the valley just as the bells were ringing for vesper prayers.
  • And sure enough that night, when the vesper service started, he was right there.
  • How blest to the toiler his hour of release When the vesper is heard with its whisper of peace!
  • As they fly up, they show two or three white quills in the tail, like the vesper sparrow.
  • A strange, wild strain, like a detached chord of a vesper melody, sounds above him!
  • In one of the stumpy fields I saw an old favorite in the grass finch or vesper swallow.
  • When the night doth meet the moon In a dark conspiracy To banish vesper from the sky.
  • In a column faint and dim, Still the organ through the rafters Seems to peal the vesper hymn.
  • They were not permitted to come to the vesper service for fear something would happen to upset their nerves.
  • The vesper hymn was pealing forth from the choir, and all the sisterhood, except herself, were singing.
  • This vesper sparrow in bringing food to her young, going through the same tactics over and over, learns no more than a machine would.
  • His song is most noticeable after sundown, when other birds are silent; for which reason he has been aptly called the vesper sparrow.
  • The vesper bells rang out, each in a separate note, from the valleys far and near; only up here was it dumb.
  • The vesper is larger than the song sparrow, of a lighter gray and russet, and does not frequent our gardens and orchards as does the latter.
  • The alto proclaims the vesper call to prayer, and the tenor reflects upon the memories of the wretched man as he sees the child kneeling.
  • Although only mid-afternoon, altar and chancel candles made a true vesper atmosphere, and the flickering wicks in the hanging lamps gave starlight.
  • Sitting in my barn-door study I see a vesper sparrow fly up and alight on the telephone wire with nesting-material in her beak.
  • Vesper is here, arise ye youths: Vesper at last has just borne aloft in the heavens his long-looked-for light.
  • Once more beneath our eager feet the forest carpet springs, We march through gloomy valleys, where the vesper sparrow sings.
  • The dank mists of evening fell thickly on the mountain, the vesper bell must presently ring, Donatus had been listening for it all the way.
  • The two old brothers had gone their way to their own cells, and would not come forth again till vesper time, as Phelim told us.
  • As I thought of the convent it suddenly seemed so near that I could almost hear its vesper bell, and that comforted me.
  • Outside, the lads and maids were loudly demanding the appearance of the bride and bridegroom: the vesper bell had long ago ceased its compelling call.
  • Wanneer om zes uur des avonds de oracion of vesper luidt, blijven allen die zich op straat bevinden staan, om elkander la buena noche te wenschen.

Definition of Vesper

The bell that summons worshipers to vespers; the vesper-bell | (poetic) The evening. | A vesper martini.
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