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  • He stayed with the vessel and some others with him.
  • There was no armored vessel in this fleet.
  • What, the vessel with all your property?
  • The first vessel to carry such a ship mail was the s.s.
  • Then the vessel turned, and the sun was behind us.
  • The vessel was bound to Genoa.
  • Here we get a vessel formed for us almost wholly by Nature.
  • A Vessel goes thither, and returns every Day.
  • Scarcely had the vessel put to sea when a violent tempest came on.
  • What is wanted is a vessel such as will stand, in which wine can be stored.
  • At such times, woe to any unlucky vessel that ventures within its clutches.
  • The fine vessel rode gallantly on the waves, and seemed to rock but little.
  • This vessel was somewhat altered on being bought by the Society.
  • The American vessel on this occasion had somewhat the advantage in armament.
  • The gunboats joined in the chase, and but one Confederate vessel escaped.

How To Use Vessel In A Sentence?

  • He went around to where the vessel rested and tried again, with the same result.
  • The little vessel heeled, and through the cabin walls came the gurgle and wash of water.
  • I got on board a vessel about making sail from the harbor, and abandoned myself to the wide world.
  • His vessel had hardly left the river, on her way to Trinidad, when he was attacked.
  • The disabled vessel proved to be a schooner from the West Indies in a sinking condition.
  • The passage through the river is so inconvenient on account of its shallowness that no vessel can pass without being first unloaded.
  • They were so short a distance from the vessel that those on board could plainly see the movements of the great fish as he glided up to them.
  • A vessel formed of glass should never be wholly shaped by cutting, as though it were a work of stone.
  • Here and there a light feebly glimmered from some sick chamber, or from the cabin window of some vessel at anchor in the stream.
  • He leap'd from the vessel that was foundering on the rocks, this morning, and swam to shore.
  • It was the very first time he had been up that creek, where no European vessel had ever been seen before.
  • This is the more curious, as a vessel may become practically of great weight, owing to the handle being misplaced.
  • The vessel was to sail next day, and the young men were going with the captain to make some final arrangements about their cabins.
  • The owner protested that the vessel was clean, and the wine neat, so that it could not taste either of iron or leather.
  • Our one idea in the formation of glass vessels is the imitation of crystal, unless we happen to produce a vessel of the strongest tint.
  • How like a great war vessel it looks, with sails all set, as seen by the uncertain light of the moon.
  • Her object was to gain a small port about two leagues distant, where she had privately provided a vessel for her escape in case of emergency.
  • Wet up with stock, or butter and water, and heat in a vessel set in another of hot water, to a smoking boil.
  • Frau Luise stood on deck in the bow of the vessel with several of her favorite pupils near her; no one uttered a word.
  • The chief officers of the vessel died of the fever; Paul took command and carried the ship in safety to the owners.
  • The capacity of the vessel was measured taking as a unit a bale about two and one-half feet long, sixteen inches broad and two feet high.
  • As this vessel can be made to navigate the Manaar river, it is also used as a cruiser at the pearl banks, during the pearl fishery.
  • The vessel rocked so much, that I did not care to remain long on deck, but retired early to my little cabin.
  • Shipwreck was before the vessel of state which General Washington had built and guided with so much care during his long and hard-fought contest.
  • This island also protects Jaffnapatam on the south, as no vessel could come here without passing Manaar.

Definition of Vessel

(transitive) To put into a vessel. | (nautical) Any craft designed for transportation on water, such as a ship or boat. [From c.1300] | A craft designed for transportation through air or space. [From 1915]
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