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  • His own vessels recruited his contract labour.
  • You must capture vessels or destroy.
  • Oh let thy vessels bear me thither, king?
  • Now vessels can pass through this Panama Canal.
  • Both vessels were on fire, when, at half-past ten, the Serapis struck.
  • For grace of form the vessels of the old Greeks stand pre-eminent (Figs.
  • The vessels anchored in Walton Bay, midway between Clevedon and Portishead.

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  • Lighthouses are necessary to warn the vessels of the rocks at night or in the storms.
  • We have said that clay is easily formed into vessels of almost any required shape.
  • Late in the afternoon the tide turned, and the vessels began to drift up the river.
  • What we are specially considering at present are vessels of capacity, or hollow wares.
  • As many as 20,000 letters and newspapers were brought by these two vessels on that occasion.
  • The armament of the two vessels was about equal, mounting forty-nine guns each.
  • And he would jump and run, and wrestle so roughly he would break all the vessels in her basket.
  • The list at Breage reveals vessels and vestments of a richer and more valuable character.
  • The shape of these vessels is in accordance with the experiments of Professor Prandtl.
  • He, however, toward the end of March, reached Erie, where the vessels were building.
  • Up to date, these vessels have been designed by Major Gross and Oberingenieur Basenach.
  • His trading stations were in strings in all the groups, and his vessels that operated them were many.
  • I'll put other vessels in this water in touch and have them on the scene as soon as possible.
  • Many vessels will be required to transport not only these animals but also those that will be sold during the next southern season.
  • At present there are 72 carreas who have to perform oely service on board of these vessels or on the four tonies mentioned above.
  • This declaration produced a prompt modification of the decree so far as it concerned the search of vessels on the high seas.
  • On the following night, the sentries at the end of the island saw some vessels coming down the river.
  • Meanwhile all the required vessels must be got ready, so that no animals need be left behind on account of contrary winds.
  • I have heard, however, that this veto has been withdrawn, and that vessels with this grain will soon arrive here.
  • It was brought in vessels of gold and of silver, and consisted of boiled meats and roast meats, with other dishes.
  • He had sailed up the river to the point where the difficult navigation began, and where vessels generally took on board river pilots.
  • Our one idea in the formation of glass vessels is the imitation of crystal, unless we happen to produce a vessel of the strongest tint.
  • Telegrams for vessels lying in Kingroad are often taken out by boat at midnight or in the early hours of the morning.
  • This, methinks, is one considerable fault; the strange profusion of vessels only for an egg and a pigeon is another.
  • Modes of economising material, when we are forming vessels of costly substances, are of the utmost importance, and should be carefully thought out.
  • The British vessels were now pouring such a stream of shells upon the enemy that it seemed impossible the submarines could survive.
  • We forgot to cheer; we heeded not the thunder of battle; we could only look at these two vessels rushing to what seemed certain destruction.
  • The duty being recovered as Alphandigo, there is no chance of smuggling, as the vessels have to be provided with proper passports.
  • Almost all other so-called Non-rigid vessels distribute the load by means of a long girder which also serves as a car.
  • The messages are chiefly received from vessels with cargoes consigned to Sharpness, which in neap tides have often to lie in the roads for days.
  • This is not a regular practice, but is followed sometimes at their request when any animals are to be shipped which are not sufficiently tamed to be led into the vessels by themselves.
  • Dr. Borlase, writing in 1795, describes the methods of the mining population near the coast in his day in dealing with vessels in distress.
  • Rapidly the three vessels closed in towards each other, for the cutter edged in so rapidly that the lugger was obliged to bear off towards the frigate again.

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Third-person singular simple present indicative form of vessel | plural of vessel
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