Vicar In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vicar | Vicar Sentence

  • Suppose that the vicar should not send at all?
  • The vicar did not reply.
  • The vicar saw all this.
  • The vicar was the first to break it.
  • The vicar winced as if he had been struck.
  • The vicar bowed his head.
  • The vicar walked to the window.
  • The vicar started slightly.
  • The vicar shook his head.
  • The vicar nodded benignly.
  • The vicar grew more and more anxious.
  • The vicar seemed slightly perturbed.
  • Gortre and the vicar drew their chairs closer.
  • The vicar began to feel interested.
  • The vicar turned to his wife with a smile.
  • The vicar laughed good-naturedly.
  • The vicar moved a little restlessly.
  • The vicar listened with great attention.
  • The vicar had been through an anxious quarter of an hour.
  • What indeed is such a vicar but antichrist and an idol?
  • Then he called upon the vicar to make the presentation.
  • What could a poor vicar do with a son like that?
  • The vicar was dilating on the excellence of marrow jam.
  • The vicar offered up the joy and thanks of his people.
  • The vicar started, but did not speak.
  • The cure was served by a vicar appointed by that house.
  • I never do abroad, and the vicar agrees with me.
  • The vicar was at home, busy over his garden.
  • The old vicar naturally retreated a step or two.
  • The vicar seemed pleased, but apprehensive.
  • A short nod accompanied this, and the vicar rose.
  • The vicar paused for a moment by the kiln, and peered in.
  • The new vicar looked at him, tightening his lips a little.
  • The Vicar got up to leave.
  • The Vicar had somewhat recovered himself.

How To Use Vicar In A Sentence?

  • The Vicar returned her smile.
  • The Vicar looked at her critically.
  • Try as he would, the vicar could not hate these two men.
  • Forty years Vicar of this parish.
  • The Vicar breathed heavily.

Definition of Vicar

In the Church of England, the priest of a parish, receiving a salary or stipend but not tithes. | In the Roman Catholic and some other churches, a cleric acting as local representative of a higher ranking member of the clergy. | A person acting on behalf of, or representing, another person.
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