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  • He laughed with a vicious snort.
  • And it is dangerous to approach to vicious conversation.
  • She had the tongue of a serpent and a vicious temper.
  • It would suppose in them a vicious sympathy.
  • He found the females much more vicious than the males.
  • Vice is vicious action and virtue is virtuous action.
  • Then the first carbine spat out its vicious pellet.
  • His eyes grew cold and almost vicious as he thought.
  • You abhorred it, as I did, for its vicious perfection.
  • It was plain that she was not a kindred spirit to these vicious natures.
  • Lumley stood regarding him with vicious amusement in his foxy eyes.
  • Things during the past year had dealt these classes a vicious thrust.
  • All minds are free agents, being vicious or virtuous from their own choice.
  • We must meet a vicious and distempered energy with a manly and rational vigor.
  • The horse took up the slack with a vicious plunge, head downward.
  • What a vicious practice is this of our politicians at Washington pairing off!
  • The vicious plan had gripped Peter's imagination.
  • He was still contemplating the vicious looking blade when Nadine entered.
  • That faithful friend grunted with rage and aimed a vicious kick at Cesca.

How To Use Vicious In A Sentence?

  • It was a curious trait in his vicious character that he really loved his gardening work.
  • He evidently kept it that it might open an avenue of escape in case his vicious plan miscarried.
  • As he rose staggering a second vicious side swing sent the severed head to the ground.
  • But how is it that M. Montalembert does not see that he is placing himself in a vicious circle?
  • It was a physical impossibility for him to reply to all the misleading and vicious reports that were being circulated about him.
  • A vicious kick wakened him, and he leaped to his feet to see the gardener standing over him swearing.
  • Virtue ennobles blood, and a virtuous person of humble birth is more estimable than a vicious person of rank.
  • No one could be vicious or violent before that beautiful tired presence waiting with white trembling hands to bless them.
  • But when she heard the front door slam with a vicious finality she went and threw herself, sobbing on the couch.
  • But frequently the resultant mental picture is a misleading one, sometimes even vicious in its moral effect.
  • They were vicious to a degree, and at first seemed to prefer a raw shin-bone that they had stolen to an abundant meal obtained honestly.
  • And she fed them till they were plump and vicious again, when they invariably disappeared, taking everything of value they could lay hands on.
  • The bear, too, fixed his vicious glowing eyes upon him with ears expanded and his huge claws indenting the ground under them.
  • The words were further emphasized by a vicious kick, which, missing its intended victim, did astounding execution on something else.
  • They are swift or slow at need, may be halted without want or waste, and have no vicious instincts to be combated by whip or spur.
  • He sprang toward Jack and aimed a vicious blow at the lad's face with his right fist.
  • Virtuous and vicious every man must be, Few in th' extreme, but all in the degree.
  • Then he encountered Maberley, the surgeon, and had to hear an account about one of the corporals who had been kicked by a vicious horse.
  • With much labor they finally released the colt, who expressed prompt gratitude by launching a swift and vicious kick at Collie.
  • He made a vicious pass into the air with the bludgeon-like handle, holding the quirt by the lash, and passed it over to Bowles.
  • But this, too, passed, all but the panic, and, with a little vicious stamp of her foot, she half determinedly faced the ranch house on the hill.

Definition of Vicious

Violent, destructive and cruel. | Savage and aggressive. | (archaic) Pertaining to vice; characterised by immorality or depravity.
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