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  • Now move over, Vicky, and take another of your famous naps.

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  • She was quite delighted that "Vicky" stood at the window of a little inn and bowed to the people outside.
  • In 1844, they went again to Scotland, and this time "Vicky," as they called the Princess Royal, was old enough to go with them.
  • The circle of children soon began to widen, for early in 1859 Princess "Vicky" became the mother of a boy, and the Queen, not yet forty years of age, was a grandmother.
  • The little Princess Royal "Vicky" was so independent a young lady that she would sometimes break through her mother's teachings.
  • In her bouquet were sprigs of myrtle that had a history, for they had come from a bush grown from the myrtle in the bridal bouquet of the Princess "Vicky.
  • Princess "Vicky" and Princess Alice naturally sympathized with the German states; while Princess Alexandra's affection was of course with her own home land, which had now become her father's kingdom.
  • The Queen said, "I felt as if I were being married over again myself, only much more nervous," and when just before the ceremony, she was daguerreotyped with "Fritz and Vicky," she trembled so that her likeness was badly blurred.
  • It would seem as if this was excitement enough for one month, but four days later, the young Prince Frederick William of Prussia came to Balmoral to make a visit; and before the visit had lasted two weeks, there was a pretty little scene on the mountain side when he gave Princess "Vicky" a piece of white heather, the emblem of good fortune, and contrived to make it clear to her that the best fortune which could happen to him would be the gift of her hand.
  • Princess "Vicky" always had her own opinions, and she too had been charmed by the lovely Danish Princess. "
  • Later in the year, the royal father and mother contrived to make a fortnight's visit to Germany, and found the "Princess Frederick William" "quite the old Vicky still."
  • "The new baby," answered Princess "Vicky" decidedly, "because he's just come, and we must be polite to him and give him the best."

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