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  • What is the correct view as to this five per cent?
  • Same view as shown in Fig.
  • She slunk about, to his view, as if beaten down by shame.
  • Pronounce the letters in the tabular view as in German.
  • This was a summary of the Greek view as a whole.
  • And then Rowena came into my view as she passed the house.
  • Such a view as this was worth all the labour we had accomplished.
  • In the absence of these details we cannot regard his view as probable.
  • From our drag we had a superb view as they came up the straight.
  • It was also excellent in a military point of view as a lookout.
  • Seem as if we look at things from the same point of view, as it were.
  • It was such a view as in her life the young girl had never beheld.
  • Soon they were lost to view, as they turned a corner in the path.
  • The answer must depend on our view as to the limitation of natural abilities.
  • I dodge back out of view, as if to escape the discharge of a battery.
  • Curiosity tempted me to draw near, and a strange sight met my view as I did so.
  • The Assyrians, however, did not take the same view as the Babylonian king.
  • Summer aspect of the vegetation, on July 14, 1955; same view as shown in Fig.
  • On view as a thing definitely disposed of." "I say, I say, I say!

How To Use View As In A Sentence?

  • It is of the greatest importance to have a clear view as to this branch of our subject.
  • Here they were as absolutely screened from public view as if they were within the house.
  • The trunk of a tree split the field of view as close to dead center as it could be.
  • As to me, it seemed at first view as if every incident conspired to determine my choice.
  • Such was the view (as the vagabond afterwards told us) which she took of our party.
  • Please take my camp stool, and then you will have exactly the same view as I have.
  • At that time such a policy was still regarded, from the Southern point of view, as a radical idea.
  • A library may be considered from two very different points of view: as a workshop, or as a Museum.
  • In America one player is held to be, in a pecuniary point of view, as good as another.
  • Lenz shuddered at hearing himself thus held up to view as the most striking example of failure and ruin.
  • Yet it is always wise to keep a psychasthenic interpretation in view as long as the insanity is not evident.
  • The convention therefore could have had no such object in view as to fix the relations of the contracting parties in that respect.
  • Many leaders of woman's freedom hold to this view as their broad exposition of principle.
  • He was telling her that she ought to read more, and to see that there were other points of view as deserving of attention as her own.
  • At the top of these hills we had another beautiful view as far south and west as the eye could reach.
  • The cuticle is interesting to us in another point of view, as being the seat of the color of the skin.
  • I trust it is not unpatriotic to mention them in this point of view, as they come before us in so many other aspects.
  • He could look up under the brim of that tantalising hat, which so often hid her from his view as they walked.
  • Much to his disappointment, he found that his present observation post did not give him as wide a view as he had hoped for.
  • The wind-swept desolation that met his view as he emerged into the dawning light broke upon him with a shock.
  • Crossing a rocky patch on the hillside, the bear came into view as it circled a little in order to descend.

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