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How To Use Vigilant In A Sentence?

  • The police had been more or less vigilant all the morning but had seen nothing to disturb them.
  • Though the vigilant sentinel did not recognize his cowardly enemy, he had no doubt it was he.
  • My vigilant sense of perception had detected a change in the human-pattern in the building.
  • How alert and vigilant the birds are, even when absorbed in building their nests!
  • Its jurisprudence is a gigantic, vigilant detective, dealing with a population of suspects.
  • In vain did he strive to be just and generous, vigilant and charitable, politic and enterprising.
  • He is vigilant in preventing all offenses against God, and in military discipline.
  • The fish, vigilant happily of the descending trident, can but shift its quarters and swim away.
  • He had ceased writing; for the moment he leaned back, his vigilant gaze on the figure near-by.
  • Nor had the vigilant eyes of the Confederacy in the East failed to note the situation.
  • But he was as vigilant as ever in repelling all attempts of the barons to encroach on his diminished territory.
  • To convince them of your identity will be no easy matter, and the most vigilant circumspection will be necessary on your part.
  • There was a fascination about her, the magic of which was, that it charmed to sleep my vigilant suspicion.
  • He dwelt strongly upon the difficulty of withdrawing the army in the face of so vigilant and powerful an enemy.
  • The two friends primed the remaining guns and kept vigilant watch until daylight to guard against surprise.
  • Nevertheless the reason of necessity, doth forsooth conquer in a vigilant husband these effeminate passions.
  • And unless vigilant and determined the set-backs it may get and the losses it may suffer are just as pronounced.
  • The guard or guards, as the case might be, was not as vigilant as the security of the prisoners should have required.
  • The most vigilant officials fail to discover the cellars, and vaults, and sheds where this work is done.
  • Joe being whipped, and moreover being the only innocent one in the whole fight, was arrested by the vigilant and efficient police.
  • I paced the bar, a carbine in the crook of my arm and a vigilant eye for incipient outbreaks for freedom on the part of those two wolves.
  • A vigilant body of men commanding the fords from either bank would have any army at its mercy that might try to cross the stream under fire.
  • About two hours afterward I was aroused from a sound 20 sleep by the vigilant officer.
  • The "magic of property" has made them industrious, saving and ever vigilant to increase and improve the crops.
  • Like Constantinople, every village is overrun with dogs, and they are the most vigilant guards that can be imagined.
  • So speaking, I cautiously trained the muzzle of the rifle on the spot that his vigilant eyes never left off watching.
  • Miss Ashton, watching them with vigilant eyes, marked the improvement, and showed her value of it by greater confidence in its leading members.
  • By this time I had got beyond the nervous point, and had come round to perfect coolness and composure again, but preternaturally vigilant and keen.
  • Presently they called me, and, leaving the burglars in charge of the vigilant David, I went to them.
  • Endless precautions and vigilant care alone secure the safety of Balik-Papan from the perils incidental to the vast stores of explosive material.
  • They believe us among the woods on the other side of the mountains, and it is not at all likely there will be any vigilant watch kept upon this side.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vigilant | Vigilant Sentence

  • Keep a vigilant look out toward the nearest mountain.
  • They wondered if the vigilant leader was more than a match for them.
  • The inn and its vigilant frequenters had achieved a name in these days.
  • No one is so small as to escape the vigilant eye of a paternal government.
  • We stood about in the ante-room, silent under the vigilant eye of the guard.
  • All spoke of a vigilant witness, a universal, a ceaseless energy.
  • Twice had I to drain the cup before the vigilant eyes of the whole table.
  • Your servant," replied instantly the vigilant nobleman Tsanda.

Definition of Vigilant

Watchful, especially for danger or disorder; alert; wary
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