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  • In the 14th century, after the fall of the Hoysala rule, they passed under the supremacy of the Vijayanagar empire.
  • He next dropped down the west coast of India to Ely, and struck inland to Vijayanagar, the capital of the principal Hindu state of the Deccan, destroyed in 1555.
  • The power of the Vijayanagar empire had, however, been broken in 1565 by the Mahommedans; in 1610 the Vijayanagar viceroy of Seringapatam was ousted by the raja of Mysore, who in 1644 captured Piriyapatna.
  • Abd-ur-Razzak, during an embassy to India, visited Calicut, Mangalore, and Vijayanagar.
  • From Vijayanagar and the Tungabudhra he travelled to Maliapur near Madras, the traditional resting-place of the body of St Thomas, and the holiest shrine of the native Nestorian Christians, then "scattered over all India," the Venetian declares, "as the Jews are among us."

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