Villager In A Sentence

Definition of Villager

A person who lives in, or comes from, a village. | (strategy games) A worker unit.

How To Use Villager In A Sentence?

  • In this order was found an action brought by a villager named Sroda against Pan Floss.
  • It was too late for a villager to keep tryst with one of the maids; and a poacher would not cross the well-fenced grounds.
  • Third, the emperor bore the relation to the Empire which the outstanding villager bore to the village.
  • He had taken board and lodging with a needy villager who was still honest, and there he sat and brooded over the curse that his own intelligence had laid upon him.
  • Waiting until the last villager had gone from the shop so that there would be no adverse comment on what she meant to do, she turned ingratiatingly to Haidee.
  • In times of contentment, the emperor was the father of the society; at other times he might be looked upon as a fellow villager subject to the criticism of the people.
  • The writer was fortunate in locating an old villager who earlier in the winter had been attached to the company sledge transport and the old fellow brought forth some fishcakes to add to the meagre fare.
  • But as soon as the villager was out of sight the turtle stopped, and taking a bundle containing fringes and ornaments from his back, he hung them about him, so that they rattled as he walked.
  • A traveller, stopped on his way by a torrent, asks a villager on the opposite bank to show him the ford: "Go to the right!" shouts the countryman.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Villager | Villager Sentence

  • Then the villager also went.
  • By this time not a male villager was to be seen in the parish.
  • But neither to sheikh nor to villager was it given to find the man.
  • A villager offered to guide me to the spot from which the ore had been taken.
  • A villager was supposed to be giving an account of his journey to the capital.
  • At one time long ago there lived a villager who had lost both his feet.
  • Did she seem to him a New England villager and nothing more?
  • A Villager found a Snake under a hedge, almost dead with cold.

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