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  • The well-loved villas and farmsteads were tenantless.
  • I passed the barracks and the first villas for visitors.
  • The shore there is lined with new villas made of light colored bricks.
  • We are more at home in the villas of Rome than in the castles of Charlemagne.
  • The villas of Pliny the Younger; with a foreword by James C. Egbert.

How To Use Villas In A Sentence?

  • It seemed like a colony of spacious and luxurious villas on well-wooded slopes.
  • For this cause people in grand villas scarcely ever have anything worth eating on their tables.
  • What sun-bathed coasts, along which the white villas glittered against the olive woods!
  • This is the constantly reiterated history of the builders of the palaces and villas of Rome.
  • The bricks in the walls of these Queen Anne villas generally come out quite easily.
  • Now it happened that many of these houses were handsome villas which belonged to the rich citizens of the town.
  • I no longer measured my progress by the rocks in the mud, but by the cottages and villas on the bank.
  • A solid block of shabby villas was laid out as flat as your palm by the explosion of this second bomb.
  • Trim villas and a suburban church now occupy the spot, and the memory of the house itself has faded away.
  • The rolling slopes of green and the growing number of villas will make this strip of country valuable and famous before long.
  • Their destination was to the eastward of the little town, where the gardens of the villas trail their willow-fringes in the water.
  • Halfway up the vast wall is forested with fir trees picked out with bright villas and streaked with the white lines of ascending roads.
  • There are lovely villas on these fringes of the wood, stately houses with terraced gardens occupying the high slopes.
  • It was a fairly populous neighborhood, with a row of villas on the other side of the road, and a few shops lower down.
  • At various distances over the undulating surface, and through the woods, were seen the villas and the hamlets of that happy land.
  • The inhabitants of the city build wooden villas there, and spend the long warm days in boats upon the water.
  • On the very top, a colony of artists lived in little villas of houses whose windows got the whole panorama of the bay.
  • And then, when they are ready to go back to their villas or hotel, take his motor-boat without a thank-you.
  • Then, still insatiable for religion, at the villas and halls, the praying and hymn-singing was kept up.
  • Officials, contractors, and servants of the government had made fortunes, and raised villas in the neighbourhood of the city.
  • It was balm to his proud heart to walk up and down the spacious avenue, and survey the red brick villas smiling amidst trim gardens.
  • Pretentious villas jostle slums, and public-house and tin tabernacle glower at one another across the cat-haunted lot that intervenes.
  • The road is broad and smooth as glass with beautiful villas along the way; we also passed a great number of small burying places.
  • He forgot the beautiful villas along the way, forgot to watch for the twinkling lights, or to care how the cottages looked at evening.
  • Suburban villas more or less adorn the flats, from which the liveliest fancy (and fancy was free in the early days) hung back.
  • They are many of them wealthy and live in beautiful villas a little out of the city; they are very intelligent and firm friends of the English.
  • It became the favorite resort of the wealthier Portuguese, the place being noted for handsome villas and pretty gardens.
  • But now oppidan life extended beyond these walls; and houses, streets, villas and gardens spread into the plain on all sides.
  • There are some fine villas here, and it is quite a Cuban watering-place, affording excellent bathing facilities.
  • Not only are there no damask roses, but there is no place for them now-a-days, no "home," only villas and rented houses.
  • The slopes of Tamalpais were crowded with little villas dotted through the woods, and those minor estates ran far up into the redwood country.
  • The villas rise in rows along the edges of the clear lakes, under the craggy fell-sides, where the feathery ashes root among the mimic precipices.
  • On its outskirts appeared comfortable villas and stately manors, gardens and woody parks, in which dwelt the aristocracy of Beorminster.
  • The bay of St. Aubin is embraced by a crescent of smiling eminences thickly sprinkled with villas and orchards.
  • There were villas and pleasure grounds, parks, game preserves, fish ponds and artificial lakes, everything that ministered to open air luxury.

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plural of villa
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