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How To Use Violoncello In A Sentence?

  • At that instant, the long drawn notes of a violoncello floated out to them from the house.
  • He then gives a table of inclusive weights of violin, viola and violoncello bows.
  • Boccherini was the first composer who wrote quintettes with two Violoncello parts.
  • A somewhat curious change in the ownership of a Violoncello occurred many years since.
  • Linke, born 1783, a distinguished violoncello player, member of the Rasumowsky Quartets.
  • Twenty-two Italian Duets and two Trios with harpsichord and violoncello (32).
  • A Grand Trio for the pianoforte, violin, and violoncello in the key of B. 4th.
  • His father was an accomplished amateur, and played the piano and violoncello with more than ordinary skill.
  • Cervetto, the violoncello player, once ventured to yawn noisily and portentously while the great actor was delivering an address to the audience.
  • After the exposition of the subject, the violin has figure-playing of an easy kind, while the violoncello has a Cantabile theme.
  • Every earnest thinking violoncello student will in future make your book his own and thereby receive hints which will further and complete the instructions of his master.
  • The viola and violoncello parts are in keeping with the pathetic feeling of the movement, but the rhythmic figure of the guitar part detracts from its dignity.
  • The violoncello player hurried into the church, and Joey South came into view, to the great delight of the crowd.
  • In the working out section, the violin takes the first subject, and joins the violoncello in an episodial theme, the viola contributing a florid counterpoint.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Violoncello | Violoncello Sentence

  • Confounded violoncello of the great masters.
  • Guitar and violoncello give supporting harmonies.
  • They took his violoncello and smashed it into bits.
  • Stradivari Violoncello . .
  • These remarks I apply also to violoncello bowing.
  • Nine Quartets, for violin, viola, violoncello and guitar.
  • Variations with violoncello and violin. for hautboys and horn.
  • Nine Quartets for Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Guitar.
  • The duetts with Mr. Swithin's violoncello continue?
  • Three Grand Quartets, for violin, viola, violoncello and guitar.
  • He plays the Fiddle well, the Harpsichord well, the Violoncello well.
  • A Violoncello by Nicholas Amati, with case and bow, 17 pounds 17s.
  • I came to America and played the violoncello in the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Definition of Violoncello

(music) A large stringed instrument of the violin family, but smaller than the double bass.
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