Virago In A Sentence

Definition of Virago

A woman given to undue belligerence or ill manner at the slightest provocation; a shrew, a termagant. | A woman who is scolding, domineering, or highly opinionated. | A woman who is rough, loud, and aggressive.

How To Use Virago In A Sentence?

  • Lavinia despite her terror of the beautiful virago never lost her self-control.
  • The virago poured a few drops of a watery liquid in a spoon and approached Louison.
  • Randle Holme says that a sleeve thus tied in at the elbow was called a virago sleeve.
  • Suddenly the virago stopped as though she were shot, and her fierce countenance froze into an appearance of terror, as well it might.
  • She was an opponent to the virago type of advocates of the emancipation of women who desired to arrogate to themselves what is by natural laws the domain of man.
  • Like many a woman who was a virago at heart, Anne had a perfect passion for domestic matters, for economy, for managing a house.
  • The heroine, it must be acknowledged, is much of the virago throughout, and the prince rather of the softest; but the tale could not be otherwise told.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Virago | Virago Sentence

  • What had the virago said?
  • Just then the virago returned with the doctor.
  • As soon as he touched her the virago subsided.
  • The next minute the virago was on the way.
  • It was doubtful if the virago heard the request.
  • You have been a virago only because you feared you were not to get it.
  • When he returned he found the virago awaiting him at the door.
  • Instead of giving the virago an answer, Fanfaro looked sharply at her.
  • Ben Jonson often mentions her, and calls any remarkable virago by her name.
  • I stood upon the defensive between the virago and my sister's chair.
  • La virago répéta: --Allons!...
  • La virago le secoua par le collet du paletot: --Holà!

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