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  • She has left her virginity as a relick of popery, and marries in her tribe without a ring.
  • The virginity of Mary, the incarnation, and the death of Christ, were hid from the Devil.
  • Other qualifications being equal, virginity greatly increased a woman's reputation for sanctity.
  • Marriage is the door to freedom for the women, but virginity is a thing greatly revered and carefully guarded.
  • The effect of this laudation of virginity upon the women who chose to remain in the world was equally detrimental to good morals.
  • And he sent her away for two months: and she went with her companions, and bewailed her virginity upon the mountains.
  • By this time also the doctrine of the superior sanctity of virginity had become firmly established in the Church.
  • If only by this means I may preserve to myself the virginity of the spirit, which enjoys with astonishment and fear.
  • At a much later date virginity came to have a special market-value, from which time a jealous watch began to be kept upon maidenhood.
  • The cult of virginity has lasted on, with much else that belongs to the later Hellenistic age, in Catholicism.
  • But there was no sign in the Apostolic Church of that morbid enthusiasm for virginity which fills the pages of the post-Nicene writers.
  • The maiden scornfully rejects his love, claiming that no king in the world is powerful and great enough for her to sacrifice her virginity for the thirtieth part of his love.
  • Kunigunde has been canonized by the Church for having preserved her virginity also in married life, and for having forced the devil to church building.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Virginity | Virginity Sentence

  • But she will not sacrifice her virginity to a man who rules over a small land.
  • She had an almost fierce virginity of spirit in spite of her loving heart.
  • For me, who desire good morals and virginity before all things!
  • An esteem for virginity was indeed the creation of Christianity.
  • He found druids in that place who denied the virginity of Mary.
  • This, Mary refuses to do, she having vowed her virginity to the Lord.

Definition of Virginity

The state or characteristic of being a virgin.
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