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  • The conception is found in some degree or other among virtually all radicals.

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  • They slipped into little pockets over our ears in the fabric helmets we wore, and shut out virtually all extraneous sounds.
  • The white contains about six-eighths water, the solids of the white are virtually all nitrogenous matter or protein.
  • The Astors are directors in a large array of corporations, and likewise virtually all of the other big landlords.
  • No doubt centralisation is less hurtful than it is elsewhere in a country so small that it is virtually all centre, but I intend that this state of things (for which you are in no way responsible) shall cease.
  • Half the reason that drip systems are more efficient is that the surface isn't dampened and virtually all water goes deep into the earth.
  • Virtually all of this writer's work contains some reference, though sometimes remote and slight, to variance.
  • In fact, M. de Haan told me that among certain of the Dyak tribes virtually all of the men suffer from rupture as a result of the constant use of the blow-gun.
  • Perhaps the most significant point was that virtually all Egyptians were nationalists at heart, conservatives as well as radicals declining to consider Egypt as a permanent part of the British Empire.
  • Here for the first time we had no need of snow-shoes, and when they have been worn virtually all the winter through and nigh a couple of thousand miles travelled in them, walking is strange at first in the naked moccasin.
  • We have seen how, with the opening years of the twentieth century, virtually all educated Egyptians had become more or less impregnated with nationalist ideas, albeit a large proportion of them believed in evolutionary rather than revolutionary methods.
  • There was, indeed, one outlet for financial activity--usury, and therein virtually all the scant fluid capital of the old Orient was employed.
  • An hour ago I received a telegram from Cousin Drusilla in Northam saying she was very ill indeed and wouldn't I come up at once, as she was virtually all alone.
  • This German detachment forced its way across the bridge with considerable courage, some of them being swept away by the swift stream pouring over it, but on the other bank they were immediately faced with stout resistance by the Italian rear-guard, and with their backs to the river virtually all the enemy who had crossed the Tagliamento were killed or captured.
  • The early settlers of Southern Louisiana raised cattle after the fashion that prevailed on the plains of Texas; that is, great herds without care or attention of any kind increased and multiplied and were annually rounded up and marketed; the returns were virtually all profit, as the cattle found their sustenance entirely in the luxuriant natural pasturage.
  • The French conquest of Algeria, the Russian acquisition of Transcaucasia, and the English mastery of virtually all India, convinced thoughtful Moslems everywhere that Islam was in deadly peril of falling under Western domination.
  • Virtually all that was considered best in society--the men and women who lived in the finest mansions, who patronized art and the opera, who set themselves up as paramount in breeding, manners, taste and fashions--all of these were either parties to this continuous process of fraud or benefited by it.
  • Remembrance of Things Past_, the great work of the well-known French homosexual author, is available in many (virtually all except rural-provincial) libraries, numerous college editions, etc.
  • It is this continuous _forcing_ of idea and expression which persists in virtually all Mr Kipling's verse except where the jingle is all that matters.
  • And why should the King himself in his book have omitted the insertion of this little, but here virtually all-important, adjective?[145]
  • This stretch of time may be divided into two parts: (a), Organizing period, from August 1, 1918, until September 22, 1919--during which time virtually all the 250,000 men enrolled in the campaign (see end of Chapter VII) had joined the unions; (b), Strike period, from September 22, 1919, until January 31, 1920--during which time the heavy special strike expenses were incurred.
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