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How To Use Visage In A Sentence?

  • I threw off my clothes and hurried into bed; but still this visage gazed upon me.
  • Dark of visage always, he was now tanned to a bronze as of one born under southern skies.
  • Terence, her cousin, whose jocund visage she admitted to be rather dear to her.
  • Her eyes were starting from their sockets, her lips gasping wide, her visage ghastliness itself.
  • What was the horror of Wolfert when he recognized the grizzly visage of the drowned buccaneer.
  • So did the sun his radiant visage hide, And swerve his chariot from the eternal path.
  • But for heaven's sake, if it is to lead anywhere, don't come back with that visage de croquemort.
  • Only resolve, with courage stern and high, Thy visage from the radiant sun to turn!
  • AND then he pulled off his helm and washed his visage and his hands, and so he fell asleep.
  • I would you could have beheld the awful sternness of my visage and demeanor in the execution of this momentous duty.
  • She was actually afraid of the stern, thin visage which confronted her, which was herself, yet not herself.
  • Ce doux visage d'une jeune fille consolant une inconnue me fit un bien inexprimable.
  • As the vehicle turned the corner, the face vanished; and perhaps that particular visage disappeared forever.
  • The next instant he turned to Jonathan a visage transformed as suddenly as though he had dropped a mask from his face.
  • Wolfert lay on his back, his nightcap drawn over his forehead; his eyes closed; his whole visage the picture of death.
  • His white eyes strained half out of their orbits; his white teeth chattering, and his whole visage shining with cold perspiration.
  • The honest burghers cast fearful glances at the deep scar slashed across the visage of the stranger, and moved their chairs a little farther off.
  • His brow was haggard; deep furrows seemed to have been ploughed into his visage by care, not by age, for he was evidently in the prime of youth.
  • Her good-humoured visage revived me, as if I had met a friend of as many years standing as she numbered on her cradle.
  • He was not undressed when the lock grated, the door lurched open, and the pale visage of Dale teetered at his shoulder.
  • Le lendemain, j'examine ma belle, et rien sur son visage ne trahit ses actions de la veille.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Visage | Visage Sentence

  • He raised his haggard visage and looked at her.
  • And then he turned away his visage and wept.
  • His visage the pampered still turneth from me.
  • Le postillon avait le visage souriant.
  • Fair is his form, his visage bright with smiles.
  • Elle se couvrit le visage avec ses mains.
  • Le visage de Gontran devint tragique.
  • Le visage de Farenheit devint apoplectique.
  • Cassidy's broad visage was alight with grins.
  • Almost immediately the wicket was thrown open, and a very red visage appeared.
  • The outward I have seen as the visage and type of the inward.
  • Le visage de l'usurpateur exprima la satisfaction de l'amour-propre.
  • Le visage de Gontran s'assombrissait visiblement.
  • But ever the eleven kings and their host was ever in the visage of Arthur.
  • Elle se cacha le visage des deux mains, et tomba sans connaissance.
  • Lisbeth lisait toujours, mais son visage devenait de plus en plus inquiet.
  • On his bold visage middle age Had slightly pressed its signet sage.
  • Calendar's moon-like visage was momentarily divested of any trace of color.
  • Son visage est beau, mais sa physionomie n'est point revenante.

Definition of Visage

Countenance; appearance; one's face.
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