Viscount in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Viscount

1. The memory of the Viscount always returned as she read. 🔊

2. The Viscount Strathallan. 🔊

3. It is the seat of Viscount Hampden. 🔊

4. The supporters of Viscount Boyne are mermaids. 🔊

5. Two such animals support the arms of Viscount Falmouth. 🔊

6. Robert, fourth Viscount Galway; 4. 🔊

7. By Viscount St. Cyres. 🔊

8. Thomas, Viscount Aimwell, come to take away your sister. 🔊

9. Lucius Gary, Second Viscount Falkland. 🔊

10. Brodrick, Mr. (now Viscount Midleton), 86. 🔊

11. By Viscount St. Cyres, M.A. 🔊

12. George Boleyne, Viscount Rochford, beheaded, May, 1536. 🔊

13. And then one morning the Viscount had taken it away with him. 🔊

14. And the Viscount sank limply into a chair and drooped there in dejection. 🔊

15. Alain, Viscount of, 189 ROHAN. 🔊

16. Gardiner, M.P.; Viscount Kingsborough; Right Hon. 🔊

17. Augustus Keppel, then a captain in the navy, and afterwards Viscount Keppel. 🔊

How to use Viscount in Sentences?

1. The party collected together on the seashore, for the viscount appeared to have something to say. 🔊

2. The other Viscount have been horse-racing, and dicing, and carrying on all his life. 🔊

3. The Viscount half rose from his chair, fell back again and quite forgot his affectations. 🔊

4. The Viscount took out his snuff-box, tapped it, opened it, and forgot his affectations. 🔊

5. She is the author of a study of Viscount Castlereagh, second Marquis of Londonderry. 🔊