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  • Not a light was visible through any window.
  • Are stars visible in the daytime?
  • The visible supply fluctuated somewhat.
  • Describe and sketch the different kinds of visible signals.
  • Her wide, frank smile was visible from a long way off.
  • Lamentably little of the "bulldog breed" was visible here.
  • For a moment Nora became visible in the window.
  • Denis Banfi is the visible providence of the Calvinists.
  • After that there was no visible stir around the white-sheeted commissary.
  • Mark asked the question with a visible effort to appear calm.
  • The darkness left only the white outline of their faces visible to each other.
  • A roadside bench was visible beneath an arc-lamp but a few yards away.
  • And what do you say of the visible things in heaven and earth, and the like?
  • No stars showed that night, nor was the sun visible next day.
  • Some such effect began to be visible on the Major's audience.

How To Use Visible In A Sentence?

  • Shadows of trees and of clumps of shrubbery became faintly visible on the grass.
  • When his face became visible in the light from the binnacle it was working with anger.
  • They floated along in a realm of silence where nothing was visible through the veil of mist.
  • And they glittered on the waterline like clustered gems without visible setting.
  • The terror they were under was visible in their countenances, their words, and their actions.
  • So bright was the moon that every object was distinctly visible for several hundred feet.
  • But it was visible to Renouard that she took some pleasure in talking to him at times.
  • If he closed his eyes, it was still visible through the eyelids, and seemed nearer than ever.
  • A simple modification of the gravity-drop produces the visible signal shown in Fig.
  • From hence, between the dense volumes of smoke, the huge cavity is visible to a depth of 600 feet.
  • When you mentioned that phenomenon to German friends, their bosoms swelled with visible pride.
  • Of all such forms the human is the highest and the true, because only in it can the spirit have its corporeity and thus its visible expression.
  • But fairies there were none visible to our eyes, and we moved softly onwards towards the spreading tree hard by.
  • Both of the men's heads sank down upon their chests in a visible shame, and both had weepy eyes.
  • A smaller square crowned the edifice as a cupola, while cubes of varying dimensions were half visible at the back.
  • A ceiling may also have the joists or beams visible upon it: in this case the decoration would have to be of a very special character.
  • While he fed we could see nothing of him, but when he raised his head to look around him, that alone was visible above the rock.
  • Certain things never seemed to show through their ideas that were visible, refracted perhaps and distorted, but visible always through mine.
  • His lower limbs were enclosed in leathern garments, which fastened below the knee, leaving visible his grey worsted stockings.
  • Now, not doubting your intentions in the least, did you ever come that near to corralling the whole visible supply of cash in your own town?
  • It was this, added to the fact that an unusual number of rocks was visible at low tide, that had made us fix on it as a promising location.
  • Our appearance in the long empty room at that early hour caused visible consternation amongst the China boys.
  • In Hawthorne the situation, however strange and weird, is only the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual struggle.
  • Thorns lounges, rolling his round face and round eyes from speaker to speaker and sounding the visible depths of misery whenever Neal begins.
  • Any observer of industrial economics might have discovered it to move up or down in unison with the current amount visible of the circulating medium.

Definition of Visible

Able to be seen.
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