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  • No one was visible in the streets.
  • Traces of the balustrade are visible in the photo.
  • There was no sun visible in the heavens.
  • There were no lights visible in his own abode.
  • They are visible in the dogmas of the canonists.
  • The same is visible in better things.
  • It was now visible in broad daylight.
  • Not a speck was visible in the horizon.
  • It was clearly visible in the moonlight.
  • A crisis was visible in the offing.
  • Are stars visible in the daytime?
  • No one was visible in all its green length.
  • The intention was visible in their sullen faces.
  • Signs of frenzy were visible in the faces on the platform.
  • No soldiers but those on duty were visible in the streets.
  • Not a trace of mercy was visible in his features.
  • Signs of life were already visible in camp.
  • A great conflagration was visible in the distance.
  • Then the woman had been a little visible in the child.
  • Not another work of man was visible in any direction.
  • This brilliant planet is often visible in the daytime.
  • Thence the whole array was visible in minute detail.
  • The stars visible in the viewplate blurred and winked out.
  • It is visible in clear weather twenty miles from shore.
  • The bare trees were visible in the grey gloom outside.
  • A moment later a dozen forms became visible in the smoke.
  • Is a comet visible in the Heavens?
  • The transit of 1631 was not visible in Europe.
  • The same slight tendency is visible in France.
  • For a moment Nora became visible in the window.
  • The blushes of the Wild Rose were visible in the dark.
  • According to Tycho Brahe, it was visible in broad daylight.
  • Similar defects are visible in almost all the other characters.
  • The impress made upon her by her mother was visible in all this.
  • The accomplishments of thought are visible in the results of civilization.
  • The next morning a change was visible in the behavior of the people.
  • The same vitality is visible in their best known plots and scenes.
  • The effects of the rain were already visible in the colour of the grain.
  • There was no one visible in the immediate vicinity of the switch tower.

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  • But most of all is the regular progress of vivification visible in the dialogue.
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