Visibly In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Visibly | Visibly Sentence

  • Rogers was visibly disappointed.
  • We were visibly descending.
  • He was now visibly agitated.
  • He was visibly chafing.
  • Markby was visibly offended at this.
  • Hugo was visibly affected.
  • Tom himself was visibly embarrassed.
  • Lorinda was visibly disturbed.
  • He was visibly excited.
  • Hal was visibly improved in spirits.
  • But she was visibly fading away.
  • Madame was growing visibly angry.
  • John is visibly agitated by the news.
  • Davidson alone was visibly married.
  • Heat quivered visibly in the valley.
  • He grew visibly confused.
  • The princess was visibly shaken.
  • We were all visibly at cross purposes.
  • Continually did the vessel visibly approach.
  • The preacher visibly shrank.
  • The boys swelled up visibly at the news.
  • Sap is visibly climbing to the highest limbs.
  • He turned visibly sick at the assurance.
  • Protracted anxiety had visibly aged the tetrarch.
  • Edward winced visibly at this outspoken statement.
  • The boy brightened visibly at her tone.
  • He suddenly and visibly expanded with importance.
  • The young man was visibly embarrassed.
  • The answers visibly increased his satisfaction.
  • She was growing visibly thinner and weaker.
  • Flores was visibly surprised and fawningly obsequious.
  • But it shook visibly as she tried to aim it.
  • Ticknor, visibly worried.
  • The mayor turned visibly pale.
  • He was utterly unimpressed and visibly unashamed.

How To Use Visibly In A Sentence?

  • She droops visibly during the long winter.
  • I stood before him, visibly overwhelmed.
  • The girl visibly shuddered and her eyes fell.
  • At length, she visibly declined.
  • The young man was becoming visibly excited.

Definition of Visibly

In a visible manner; openly.

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