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How To Use Vision Is In A Sentence?

  • Unless the vision is passionately intense the artist will not be moved to transmit it.
  • Thus the direct vision is more generally found in association with the passive temperament.
  • Silence should be uniformly observed by those present, until the vision is attained.
  • This vision is the vision of humanity as apart from the vision of one special nation.
  • The inward vision is for you, but the outward manifestation thereof is for the souls of others.
  • The world has yet to see a genuinely great creator whose real vision is for children.
  • Their practical vision is spacious, and they can hold many threads without entangling them.
  • The eye, which is the organ of vision, is an optical instrument of the most perfect construction.
  • Even the movements he sees, he is seldom able to understand, his vision is so limited.
  • Ordinary vision is piecemeal: we see the parts; but not the picture, or only vaguely.
  • His vision is elastic; he bends it to a certain object, but having a patent spring it flies off.
  • For the poet, again emphasized, vision is the intermediary, the broad, bright highway to facts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vision Is | Vision Is Sentence

  • The vision is complete.
  • This is why the vision is given.
  • That vision is realized.
  • That which destroyeth a vision is the veil over it.
  • Vision is largely the fruit of training.
  • A vision is to him an instance of the same thing.
  • His sphere of vision is enlarged.
  • Clearness of spiritual vision is acquired in the same way.
  • This vision is messier, but more instructive.
  • The type of his vision is impressionistic, 87.
  • The understanding of man is limited, just as his vision is.
  • That vision is Fellowship, and it is not new.
  • Vision is less a vision, every time I use it.
  • This opening up of the field of vision is the symptom of success.
  • Your vision is bounded and yet there is no boundary to be seen.
  • Such a vision is the result of collected and concentrated memory.
  • It is visible, although our range of vision is so very limited.
  • And suppose he merely observes that not the whole field of vision is colored.
  • The great vision is the woman travailing in pain to be delivered of a manchild.
  • The faculty of direct vision is like the latent life of the vegetable world.
  • The type of vision is the important thing in a philosopher, 20.
  • The eye is keener than the ear, vision is easier comprehended than tone.
  • The outward vision is transient, the inner vision can build eternal realities.
  • The heats of life have passed with me, and my vision is truer, surer.
  • If one uses a spatial metaphor, the absolutist vision is a tessellated map.
  • The Ainu vision is then strong, but the brain is not quick in response.
  • No trace, however, is found, and the whole vision is attributed to his fever.
  • Your standard of vision is all astray, You do think the place is quiet.
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