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  • Whither is fled the visionary gleam?
  • But more visionary motives dominated the action.
  • I am sure it is no visionary theory of mine.
  • But whatever its place, it has the same visionary quality.
  • Spread o'er my couch thy visionary wing!
  • He has dreamed the dream of our race, and he has wonderful visionary powers.
  • That all these visionary shapes A soulless groveller should banish thus!
  • He no longer spent his time dodging J. and dealing in visionary horses.
  • These were the visionary and turbulent Archer and his follower Ratcliffe.

How To Use Visionary In A Sentence?

  • Thus she sacrificed her slim chances of matrimony on the altar of a visionary family pride.
  • Before all else we recognise how richly endowed she was with visionary powers and poetic feeling.
  • But all such suppositions as these, the southern man will perhaps say, are visionary and utopian in the highest degree.
  • This sounds to our ears like the highly coloured visionary dream of some over-enthusiastic Hebrew.
  • We played at hide-and-go-seek among the beeches, and ran races, and fought visionary dragons.
  • No, no, Dad, I am no visionary in the sense that imagination runs away with me.
  • Although, apparently, a practical disciple of Behmen, I am no believer in his visionary creed.
  • The circumstances of his funeral are then recited, and the visionary and fabulous part of the poem disappears.
  • Vision and visionary travelled on together, until at last the train slackened its thunder and stopped.
  • So far from being a fallacious or visionary one, it is found by experience to be practically effective.
  • The doctor was a visionary dreamer, and happy in a thousand fancies he conjured up in his imagination.
  • It sometimes happens that the visionary state is induced by excessive emotion during which the prophetic faculty is considerably heightened.
  • His intellectual defect was his idea of special divine illumination, which made him visionary and rhapsodical and conceited.
  • It seemed the work of enchantment; every thing was as visionary as "sceptres grasped in sleep.
  • I should scarcely be surprised to see visionary forms rising from these woods and waters, and ascending in bright procession into the clouds.
  • The deep brown eyes of a visionary rested beneath the gentle, scythe-like curves of thin and pointed eyebrows.
  • He stood back from her, and beamed upon her, his hands raised as though he were beating time to a visionary orchestra.
  • One, also, content with the coloured aspects and visionary shapes of things; the other seeking their form and substance.
  • But let us never forget that this visionary religion is, in one sense, necessarily more wholesome than our modern and reasonable morality.
  • We nodded knowingly, and found the required part in the last act of our scores, after turning over a vast number of visionary pages.
  • There was something that appealed to Frank in the visionary old fellow, however, and he treated him courteously.
  • The volumes that followed are more clearly melodious, more like the visionary wonder of Blake, more artistically artless.
  • Then the visionary wain disappeared; and the people, frustrated of their hope, unsatisfied and sad, returned unto their dwellings.
  • Was he, for all his matter-of-fact appearance, simply another political dreamer, another visionary without a definite vision?
  • But it is absurd to treat this visionary state as a sublime mental phase and as a truer state, capable of conveying general truths(123).
  • He knows the man much better than I do and, as he expresses it, understands how to keep that visionary individual in the traces.
  • The Friendly Society increased its influence and multiplied its visionary schemes during many years previous to 1821.
  • And he will also be ready to own that there is much cogency in the reasons put forward against what is fantastic and visionary by serious opponents of the cause in question.
  • The one person who had it in his power to disprove her present contentions must consider her a visionary without the character to make the visions real.
  • Indeed, they already rendered themselves the subjects of ridicule and derision for their temerity and presumption in giving countenance to this wild projector and visionary madman.

Definition of Visionary

having vision or foresight | imaginary or illusory | prophetic or revelatory
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