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  • Hence his visit to the camp.
  • A visit to the cemetery.
  • He went over his visit to me.
  • A pleasant visit to his parents.
  • You were so kind to me on my visit to the girls.
  • It was her second visit to him that day.
  • A visit to the passengers and their baggage?
  • It was a visit to my native town.
  • That explained the visit to his room.
  • It was not her first visit to the hill.
  • I found this out on my second visit to it.
  • It means that your first visit to her alarmed them.
  • Then we payed another visit to our artillery.
  • Neville had prolonged the visit to the parental roof.
  • He gave up his daily visit to the capital.
  • Krishna now comes to pay a visit to his friend.
  • I shall gladly await his visit to me.
  • Firmstone came into the office from a visit to the mine.
  • Making me play the part of a visit to the dentist!
  • Connie spoke of her proposed visit to her aunts.
  • A visit to the woods only heightened perplexity.
  • Our visit to the hospital was decidedly interesting.
  • And pay my last visit to thee.
  • The visit to the wood came off the day after.
  • She recalled her first visit to the fort.
  • Some unknown person had witnessed our visit to the body.
  • My visit to my cousins was the last stage of my journey.
  • We had an earnest medico on a visit to us lately.
  • Lucien wanted to pay a visit to the tobacco-field.
  • A visit to the mills showed how the oil is made.
  • And so one day she paid a visit to her property.
  • I wished my visit to be a tonic rather than a sedative.
  • His visit to the hall was looked forward to with interest.
  • She had made slight changes since my visit to her.
  • Tecumseh was absent, on a visit to other tribes.

How To Use Visit To In A Sentence?

  • I shall have the honor to pay you a visit to-morrow.
  • Christie paid another visit to the suburban road that week.
  • If there is a visit to be made, it must be made.
  • A visit to the mines is one the tourists can readily make.
  • The visit to the salt mine we had planned for the next day.
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